Why do women wear a bra?

There are many answers, and none of them is totally convincing.

Because breasts need to be supported.

In fact, this is a myth. It is no common medical necessity. Some big-racked women may feel more comfortable with rack-support, but it is a matter of personal preference. Back pain, associated with wearing big boobs can actually be caused by wearing bad bras. And what about big bellies? Don’t they put lot of pressure on the spine? And by the way, really outstanding belly lets the bazooms relax on the top of it, parallel to the ground and totally supported. Now, do we need some push-up corset with pelvic underwire?

Because not wearing bra is immoral or indecent.

And why is it immoral or indecent? Because the breasts are sexual and should be ‘tucked away’ from sight. That’s why women should wear bras. Except, the bras accentuate the sexuality of breasts, fix imperfections, and make them an irresistible sexual object. Men are often turned on by the lingerie’d boobs more than by bare hooters. So much for the ‘modest covering’.

And why is the bust considered sexual? Because it’s a playground for erogenous zones. As well as ears, neck and toes. Why don’t we call these body parts indecent?

Boobies are the first thing, everyone gets to know. It is food, for God’s sake, a milk delivery system. How can it be immoral?

The society simply appointed the mammory glands to be a forbidden item, thus making them extremely attractive and desirable. If women were covering their faces instead of breasts, the ‘Face Illustrated’ would be the best-selling men’s magazine, and Face Book would be the name of a porn site.

Because wearing bras for the job is the dress code.

The dress code applies only to the outer layer of closing. It may say: “the undergarment should not be showing”, (which is pretty fashionable today). To obey this rule, maybe better not wear it at all?

Companies that require bras may not have a policy that defines what a bra is. So a tight camisole can pass for a professional undergarment.

It can be an outcome of ‘equal opportunity’ policy: while men are strangled by a useless tie, make the women struggle from something cutting into their ribcage.

Because the breasts jump up and down when women exercise and do sports.

Yes, they do bounce. As well as many other body parts. And they will still bounce when jammed into a bra, only more in sync. By the way, slight movement of breasts is just helpful, it aids the lymph flow. As for the vigorous hopping of larger gazongas, sport bras and skin-tight tops can be a preference, but not the rule.

Because it gives women a better shape.

This one finally makes sense. It is impersonation of big tatas by small-breasted and flat-chested, without pumping silicon into the chesticles. It is visual reduction of the mounts of fun to perfectly sized twin peaks, without surgical butchering. It is healthy and esthetical. Can also be recommended to guys with man-boobs, which they usually claim as a part of ‘eight-pack’.

Wearing a bra for sharper image is the most justified reason. Mature women should even wear it to bed, contrary to doctors’ advice. Especially if there is someone else in this bed, observing this image. At certain age, when a woman is resting on her back, the tits are resting under her armpits. And when she is turning to the side, they can be pinched by her hips. That’s when a bra comes handy. (Or should we say – breasty?)

Presenting the ‘girls’ the right way is very important for the girls. Some psychologists (definitely influenced by Freud), believe that everything a man ever needs to know about a woman, he can obtain by looking at her breasts. (That’s where men always look anyway). The breast reading can allow men to keep abreast of a woman’s character. These doctors understand that a woman’s looks can be deceiving. But they are confident that the one part on her body that does not lie is her breasts.

These Freud’s successors are all men – what do they know?