Are you living a life of quiet desperation, fighting boredom, hating your job, and just enduring your existence? Are you struggling just to meet your obligations and conform to what the society dictates?

Many of you probably are, some more than the others. Some of the others are possibly contented with their lives and would never change a thing. Ultimately that’s the right way to subsist. The society standard. The ‘appropriate’ lifestyle. The lifestyle that also makes some of you truly miserable and desperate for a life of passion and adventure. Desperate for Freedom.

Once in a while everyone experiences this urge for freedom, the desire to break out of his pothole into a new and exciting life. It starts as a sweet day-dream and then dies as inconceivable fantasy. What holds you back? Fear?

An unpleasant but acceptable present is better than an unknown and risky future.

It takes balls to leave a “proper” life and live the dream. Like full-time RVers. These modern gypsies live on wheels, have their sights set on the open road and disregard ‘society standards’. And not because this is the only living arrangement they can afford. They choose this

Spartan life-style. They chose freedom over convenience.

Simple life makes you focus on what’s really important.

Normally, you buy a house – that’s the right thing to do, the foundation of American dream. Then you spend your time and money furnishing and maintaining that house. Lamps, rugs, tables, chairs, couches, beds, art, plants… Mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, shampooing the carpet, replacing the countertops... All the right things to do.

Abnormally, you trade your 3000 square foot estate for a 330 square foot 5th wheel. You leave a beautiful house, but you also leave mortgage payments, property taxes, utility bills, home maintenance, yard work and a routine life style. Now you adjust to life without walk-in closets, basement shelves and ‘room in the garage’. An RV can’t hold your junk. It doesn’t have the room. You can only have the most usable stuff. If it doesn't get used - it goes. Now you wouldn’t waste your time looking for a great armoire because you have nowhere to put that armoire. Who needs armoires anyway? Maybe that’s exactly what’s wrong with the world?

Think about how much of the space in your ‘stationary house’ is actually useful. Do you use all the space between your bed and the wall?

Does having that space really contribute to your happiness?

Now you have your compact motorized shelter. You also have no bills to pay. No rent.

If you want to move, you just start the engine. You don’t need to pack. Even though you have less stuff, you always have it all with you. You don’t have to stop at home on your way somewhere, because you’re always home. Like a snail or a turtle, you carry your residence with you.

Now you can fill your life with activities and experiences rather than surround it with property and stuff. You spend more time outdoors. You appreciate simple pleasures like reading a good book under the awning, enjoying the fresh air and natural light. You are hiking, biking, walking, stargazing, socializing...

If you live in RV with your family, you learn to get along. You are together more often and much closer than in traditional home.
You meet new neighbors and friends at every turn. You visit your old friends and your relatives whenever you want.

Simple life makes you focus on what’s really important.

You don’t care what ‘other’ people think of you. These other people think you are improper. They call you trailer trash. They think their lifestyle is the only appropriate one. They think their expensive stuff makes them respectable and attractive. They don’t realize that the most attractive thing is when you are free to follow your own desires. They don’t realize that you’ve made ‘trailer trash’ trendy.

You most likely need a job. With a little creativity you can find ways to make money while you travel. The possibilities here are endless, only limited by your abilities and imagination. With access to the Internet, many traditional jobs can be done remotely as you travel.

You don’t have a postal address. The world is your address – isn’t it liberating?

And yet, we know that life on the wheels is not for everyone. People can get claustrophobic, develop motion sickness, or just be attached to a specific location. And some are really satisfied with the traditional living.

But if you are sick of the rat race and ready to simplify your life - try full-time RVing.