Unemployment is blooming; job-searching became a full-time no-profit-making career with vaguely defined objectives: ‘put your best foot forward’, ‘get your foot in the door’. Ultimately, get your best foot in the door as far as possible. And not just the foot, but the entire limb – ankle, leg, knee, thigh… yeah, show some thigh. How good is your best foot (leg)? Is it smooth, French-manicured, freshly shaved, finely shaped, spray-tanned, 4-feet-long and hopefully belongs to a female?

You probably think, the above leg assertion was just a metaphor. No, it was not. Are your legs (nose, biceps, hair, earlobes) good enough to qualify you for a job? (And we are not talking about modeling, showbiz or escort.) Hiring managers will never admit that they are so shallow. But are they really?

Looks matter, and they matter hard. They do matter at work. Good-looking people are more likely to get a job. This is the ugly truth about beauty.

A job-finding website BeautifulJobSeekers.com introduces a new generation of recruiting services. It says “Now open for all!” Its motto is “True beauty is in the inside”. What’s new? Just one thing – you cannot post your resume or search for a job on this site unless you are considered gorgeous enough to become a member. And who evaluates your gorgeousness? The ‘community’. Fair enough. First, you load your photo. Swimming suit is suggested, even if you are looking for a school teacher position. No one cares about it yet - assets first, objectives later. Site members are appraising your photoshopped image on a scale of one to five, and if they decide that you are good-looking enough to be worthy of work, you will gain access to job listings. Now you can post your resume, show your skills, talents, education, whatever…this other stuff will be considered too. But if you were ranked ‘under-stunning’, you are denied the access to the beautiful people’ job-pool. That is it, no court of appeals available. Don’t let it deflate your ego. Think of it as “these people don’t know squat about real beauty”. Or simply don’t apply to this site. Though, the site is quite attractive. Just to mention the picture of its official spokesmodel, sunbathing in her pink underwear (a definite 5 on a scale of 5). The relaxing picture, followed by the girl’s hard-working biography, sets the true standard for the web-site. This site is somewhat innovative. And certainly honest. And definitely shallow.

Your looks can affect your career. It sucks, but it is the reality. A survey was conducted to rate nine most important character attributes of an employee. The ‘Looks’ came in third, topped only by ‘Experience’ and ‘Confidence’. (By the way, confidence means feeling good about yourself, and if you think you are good-looking, it makes you feel better about yourself hence gives you confidence…) But such a fundamental career asset as ‘Education’ scored much lower than Looks! Maybe it is time to throw our college funds on liposuction and nose job? Another valuable attribute: ‘Sense of Humor’ - was rated even lower. Well, “Some like it hot” is about hiring managers. If someone is funny and intelligent, we call him Cool. If someone is (on the contrary) stunning, we call him Hot. If a manager tries to keep his office ‘guise heater’ up, we call him small-minded. (Incidentally, there are individuals, who are hot and cool at the same time, but we prefer not to acknowledge their existence. We want life to be fair and gifts to be distributed equally).

Still, we have to forgive hiring managers. They are just humans. They enjoy power, fun and candy. Including eye-candy. But they may hate fat people (while most of them are fat themselves), they may also dislike old people (with all the respect).
We also have to forgive gorgeous people. They have their share of hardship. Beauty is both a blessing and a curse. Even if beauty helps someone land a job, especially if this someone is a woman, too much aesthetic attention (not to say sexual interest) can be devastating. Beautiful women are lusted after, envied and being secretly ridiculed. They can be fired for being ‘too hot’ (in many cases from the job they’ve got for the same reason, but still unfair). Handsome men can be fired for destructing the female part of the company.
Beautiful people are often thought of as less intelligent and less responsible. Not fair. Hot-while-cool combination does exist; we just tend to deny it in our pursuit of equality.

Some managers, when hiring staffers of their own gender, prefer candidates from ordinary stock rather than eye-candy crowd. Why bring someone better-looking than you? (Regardless of your sexual orientation, it is about ‘faces of the company’).
Some managers may prefer really unattractive employees who know that they can’t use their looks to get by and thus focus more on their job skills.

So, are you looking good enough to ever get a job? Are you lucky enough to find an anti-lookist manager?
The job market is tough now. Tough for everyone – hot, cool, lukewarm, brilliant or plain. If you are unattractive, you still have a chance. But it is strike one. You better have some good skills. Mediocre skills - strike two. And a mediocre personality - strike three and you are out. Except for, it is no such thing as mediocre personality. Personality is unique and unassessable. No one can properly grade it. One can only grade good looks on a scale of one to five.