We are concerned about the future of newspapers, books and theater. But we have a feeling, the television will survive. Even injured by the Internet, the TV stands strong as the sturdiest medium of entertainment.

They call it the boob tube. They define it as ‘the new opiate of the people’. They try to ridicule it by describing as ‘an electronic box containing a video screen and a speaker, watched by millions of cretins too lazy to go out and get a life’. They tease: ‘Boob tube watchers get a bad case of half-closed eyes and half-open mouths’. They also name it an ‘idiot box’. But we are still watching TV. We still love it and we try to oppose those who blame all the deadly sins on our sweet boob tube.

They say: the TV is a road to degradation. Wrong! We choose what we watch. As well as we choose our daily activities, friends and avocations. We can very well degrade with moronic hobbies, dumb buddies and foolhardy goals. No TV required. And we can become a walking stockroom of knowledge, opinions and bright ideas just by watching TV. No formal degree required.

They say: the TV is a road to obesity. Kinda sorta. You sit down (at best) or lay down, you eat, and you eat unconsciously. But aren’t we munching while reading or playing board games? Aren’t we sometimes chewing continuously to kill the boredom at our desk at work? What now – quit that job? And can’t we overeat at quiet sit down meals with TV off? Let’s look at the problem from a different angle. Imagine, you don’t like vegetables and wouldn’t deliberately consume them. Take a bucket of broccoli and eat it while watching your favorite program. You will be so involved with the show – you will not feel the taste. That’s healthy. Watch what you eat, not what you watch.

They say: you don’t work out if you watch TV. Wrong! Put your exercise equipment in front of the boob tube and – voila! It can sometimes create an opposite effect – you will not be able to work out without the TV. Thanks to technology advances, it is solvable. Going for a jog – watch TV on your technology-ridden cell phone. It is not very comfortable to stare at a tiny screen while jogging and you will probably be bumping into assorted objects on the road, but let’s think about your plain run as more of an obstacle course. And if you bump into a live object – it’s a reason for communication. Healthy and social.

They say: if you watch much TV, you are lonely and thus using it as an imaginary company. Totally untrue! First of all, what is wrong with an imaginary company? You can tell these people whatever you want, and they will never disagree. If they start to get on your nerves, you can turn them off. Or throw a remote into the screen. Or throw something heavier. Or shoot the TV with a gun. But better just turn it off. This is still freedom of communication, which you cannot allow yourself with real-life friends. And who told you that we don’t have real-life friends? Oh, yes we do. We meet our friends, we come together, and together we watch TV. And then we discuss our favorite shows. It is good for the friendship.

They say: TV is bad for kids. Wrong! Monitored TV is very educational. And how else can you make kids sit still for a while and not bug the parents? Sane parents are good for the kids.

They call us TV-addicts. They call us lazy and anti-social. Totally false (the anti-social part). We are very social. We are created by the society. With any other addiction, if you want to fight it, the society will help you to get rid of it. With this peculiar addiction, if you want to get rid of it, you need to fight the society. First, they are trying to provoke the addiction. Providers offer you 500 channels. A bit too many, like, 450 would be enough. Can you confront it? No, you can’t – they all are either included or free. Don’t call us lazy, call us cheap or thrifty. Now, all the 500 channels start to use their cinematic tricks to "grab" and "hold" your attention. The flashing colors, quick movements and attractive people commonly portrayed on TV are irresistibly engaging. Your body is relaxed and your brain is securely attached to the boob tube. And the good-looking personalities on the screen keep hypnotizing you: “Don’t go away, the most exciting episode is coming”, “Don’t touch the remote, we’ll be back with the conclusion”, “The culmination is seconds away, you don’t want to miss it”. And yes, you don’t go, don’t touch and don’t want to miss. You are entering involuntary viewing mode and developing television dependency. You can smell the addiction. Suppose, you want to nip it in the bud. You call your cable/satellite company and tell them:"I am done with TV, turn off your service". No, they will not. You are under the contract. You don’t have to watch the TV, but you have to pay for it. The thriftiest of us will give up. Those who survived the financial loss will disconnect the cable and remove the beloved boob tubes. Now what? It’s time to reconnect with the real life, get some fresh air, run some errands and start daydreaming instead of watching the alternative reality. Not so fast! The society will not let you. There are TVs everywhere – in grocery stores, in your gym, in your church, in the bank, the airport, repair shops, doctors offices, restaurants and bars. Even in dance clubs, where TV can only work on mute, martial artists on the screen are thrashing each other with a soundtrack of lively salsa, and still collect bigger crowd than the dance floor. The society does not care about your choice of TV-free life. The same society blames you for TV-addiction.

Television was invented for our enjoyment.

Human brains are genetically predisposed to enjoy watching television.

We will be enjoying our boob tube for as long as the television is existent. And it is not going anywhere.