It comes a time when trees are losing leaves.
It comes a time when men are losing hair.

Let’s bring poetry into human life cycle. Every loss is a blessing. It should come with a cancellation prize.

People are losing hair. As a rule. Of course some evergreen conifers are keeping their tresses until obituary. As an exception. But for everyone, whatever is left is turning grey. No exceptions. Let’s think of the color as silver. As in precious metals. Let’s look on the bright side.

Naked trees are still elegant and pleasing to the eye. Bald scalp represents a bold (i.e. clear and distinct) body design.

Hair loss is an important criterion of gender definition. Looking at a hair-dropping head from a bird’s flight, if you see the scalp peeping out through separate hairs – it’s a she. If you see a forehead expanding to meet the back of the neck – it’s a he.

Different genders deal with hair deficiency differently. Women mount pricy hair extensions, men distribute leftover locks evenly around unprotected scalp. A constructive unisex approach: don’t wait until final hair departure, shave it off. This method is not yet equally conventional for all genders. While bald guys are considered hot and becoming a popular fashion trend, bald ladies are still instigating perplexed reaction of the conservative society. Despite of many stunning ‘girls gone bald’ examples. We’ve seen gorgeous models and actresses demonstrating ‘bald is hot - ladies edition’, and we’ve seen certain pop-stars delivering an unclear ‘bold statement’ through a shaved head. There is a cancellation bonus for beautiful blondes: when a blondie goes bald, her IQ goes up. Still, sheer baldness is not yet an established trend for women. This is why wigs are so much in business. Rather a gender-specific business. While men’s toupees are always recognizable and prone to ridicule, women’s wigs are state of the art and, contrary to embarrassment, invite compliments.

- “Your hair is so perfect, it looks like a wig!”
- “It is a wig”.
- “Really? I could never tell!”

The bottom line: baldness is not an embarrassment. Follicly challenged people are proud to be bald. They think of it as scalp advancing. They consider it getting taller than their hair. They believe that taking layers off the top gives them freedom. They are proud of not hiding behind something.

There are many advantages to being bald.

-You never have a bad hair day.
-You save time and money on haircuts.
- No need in combs, shampoos, gels and mousses.
- No dandruff.
- No lice or other parasites.
- Smooth and even suntan.
- Great aerodynamic shape that makes you better at sports.
- More space for tattoos.
- On a sunny day people think, you are an angel.
- Bald people are thought of as big thinkers.
- National pride. Kindred spirit with national bird of America – the bald eagle.

When it comes to wearing hair, be in sync with the nature. It comes a time to lose leaves. Embrace it.