- Would you like me to tell your future?
- Eh, maybe, only if there is something good.
- If there is something you don’t like, we can change it.
- Excuse me, aren’t you a psychic READER?

Indeed, psychic readers are supposed to read your future, not to write it. When we turn to a psychic, we assume that our future is pre-determined and thus, readable. Your fate is written in stone and cannot be changed. Not what these paranormal people are saying now. They say, they are predicting a ‘chance of your future’. So, if this ‘chance’ does not appeal to us, can we ask for a second opinion? Should we talk to a different psychic (psychics) until we hear what we want to hear? Life is a maze, they say, there is a multitude of routs. Your every step is an intersection.

You keep going straight – you’ll die.
You turn right – you’ll find money and die rich.
You turn left – you’ll find love and die married.

The final destination is ultimately the same. The itinerary is your fate. The psychic readers/writers now become your psychic routers. Change your path, and they will tell you where you’ll arrive. Or, tell them where you want to land, and they’ll advise you which route to go. Now they become your psychic advisors. Feels like we are leaving the venue of paranormal. We are losing fun. Where is the thrill of mysterious constellation of stars, inexorable radiation of aura, finally, the master plan of the big guy upstairs? Using psychics as shrinks and financial advisors is a total waste of their clairvoyant powers.

The infamous Maria Duval, though, can top any skilled financial advisor. Come on, the woman can predict the dollar rate and Stock Market Index! And she does it with her sixth sense. Or third eye. Or something like this. She thinks of money as the material realization of a spiritual force. Whatever it means. Apparently, you can emit some special vibrations that pull in money. Just channel some particular cosmic current. (And we were taught: hard work, determination, education…). Maria Duval would provide you with a 'Vibrating Crystal' which will be your telepathic connection, or a pentagram to put under your pillow or an amulet or a secret manual to charge up the spirit with magnetic vibrations. Take it – it won’t hurt. Maria will perform special rituals and give advises. Take it. The problem is - Ms. Duval’s brand name is used by many psychic fraudsters.

How to avoid the fraud? How to tell a real psychic from a pseudo-clairvoyant con artist with cheap psychic paraphernalia? Talking to the spirits and forecasting the future is one of the oldest fiddles in the world. Maybe you should test your psychic on your past? But do you really want to hear about your past? Like this popular psychic reading:

- You are a middle-aged man with two children
- Busted! I have three children!
- That’s what you think…

Do you really want to know your past?
We may want to know some reasonable information about the past and future (for example, we would like to know the past of our future spouse.)

Sometimes we are willing to pay to figure out what is going to happen. Sometimes we are willing to pay more to hear that it will not happen. But what we really need to realize is our present. The exact location in a tricky maze.

We need to develop our own inner psychic. We want to psych ourselves out to believe that we are in control of our destiny.