People seek a new image. Is it an attempt to enhance their natural self or are they trying to trick the nature? We are talking about cosmetic surgeries, and not the ones that are required for reconstructive or health reasons. We are talking about people going under the knife to alter their natural acceptable physique.

First, we don’t want to get old(er). Many of us feel that we need to fight aging as long as possible. Growing old comes as a threat to our self worth and quality of life. The aphorism “You are as old as you feel” does not really help, since some people may feel even older than they are. Honestly, we are as old as the others feel about us. So we try to trick the others into believing that the date in our birth certificate is off by a decade. Nip here, tuck there. Freshen up a little. But don’t change your God-given features; this trick is destined to fail. By the way, many people become more attractive with age. Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Margaret Mead were not graced with "a face to die for," but their charm, talent, and intelligence made them delightful in the eyes of the beholders.

No plastic surgery can make you a great individual and a public icon.

Inner beauty is what we should strive for. But dazzling looks are also beneficial, especially in industries, built on physical presence and sex appeal. (We are not talking about the oldest profession). Many models and actors will go for drastic surgeries to improve their main tool and asset – the body. Unfortunately, it does not always pay off. Chasing the uniform ‘classic’ beauty, people forget that our imperfections make us unique and distinctively attractive. The ‘Dirty Dancing’ adorable ugly-duckling Jennifer Grey underwent nose surgery in order to advance her movie career. It had an opposite effect. With her new generic look the actress lost her special thing and basically failed her career. Imagine if Barbra Streisand chose to have a rhinoplasty. Her voice, talent and charisma would remain intact, but her essence would be changed forever in the minds of viewers. As far from ‘classic beauty’ as Streisand is, she is one of the most gorgeous stars of all times. It has a lot to do with talent and class.

There is no plastic surgery to make you talented.

What if you actually want to be different? Wa-ay different. The way, Dennis Avner the Catman or Eric Sprague the Lizardmen - different. If you feel like doing whatever it takes to look like your totem animal? Split tongue, sharp fangs, horns, tails… If your goal is to epatage the plain-looking crowd, modern science and technology is at your service.

There are lots of plastic surgeries to make you look creepy.

Many mental health professionals consider patients hunting cosmetic surgeries as having psychiatric issues. Is it so? How normal is our obsession with youth and our self-esteem issues? When it becomes a case of paranoia? Apparently, when you can’t stop at some reasonable gorgeousness and go for the extreme, it becomes an obsession, and obsession is a mental case. There are borders between ‘normal’ and ‘extreme’. For example, there is the maximum boobs size allowed by law. As Heidi Montag revealed, her new pair is just short of this legal constraint. Hers are 700cc; the limit is 800cc. Still, she has some perspective of growth.

Emotional problems can definitely land people on an operating table. Often in plastic surgeon’s office. Jocelyn Wildenstein, once a good-looking woman married to a very rich art dealer, caught her husband in bed with a young model. A sane reaction would be to divorce him and take all his money. Instead, Jocelyn decided to win her man back by becoming irresistibly beautiful. She allegedly spent about 4 million in plastic surgeries. Going for ‘stunning’ she ended up ‘shocking’. Her husband left her anyway, but she still cannot stop her affair with surgeon’s knife. This is a mental case.

According to studies, conducted in US, Sweden and Finland, women with breast implants are more likely to commit suicide than non-augmented women. That is definitely a mental case, but what exactly does it mean? Are suicidal women more likely to get breast implants, or does plastic surgery lead to suicide? Maybe, obsession with control over your body brings the need to control your fate as well?

Plastic surgery may be a limited solution, as well as a cause of mental disorder.

We are trying to stay sane in the world obsessed with youth and good looks. We are trying to focus on our inner beauty.