The Nouveau Tech Society invitational letter is a six-page literary opus that comes to you by mail (first-class mail) with a return envelope enclosed. So you open it, suspecting something important in a chubby envelope. You start reading. The salutation is warm – not “Dear Sir/Madam” or “Current resident”, they intimately greet you by your first name. Maybe, you know the sender? Keep reading. Right away they assure you that it is not a solicitation for money. On the contrary, they promise you

"something of immense value", "absolutely free", "with no strings attached".

At this point you already know that they definitely want money, and you want to trash this manuscript, but the next line alerts you:

"read every word very carefully because you will never get another letter from us again".

So you keep reading. And you learn that whatever you are reading should be kept secret, because it has to do with

"a secret society of the world's most famous and powerful people” that “has uncovered some shockingly powerful secrets".

Now you are either intrigued or scared or already laughing. The further – the merrier. The mysterious cult has decided to share their secret with you. Why you, what have you done? They explain. Apparently, you possess

"several rare traits they are searching for” and “your hidden talents must be phenomenal for the members to select you".

You are special!!! Okay, you personally knew it all along, but how these people got to know? They expected you to ask this question, it is in the letter:

"How did these gifted people find you? For now, that must remain a mystery."

Wow. At this point you may be more intrigued, or petrified, or laughing out loud, but you keep reading, since there is nothing more enjoyable than reading about your own great self. Sadly, it is not about you anymore. The sender decides to introduce himself.

"…years ago I was like you".

And how the hell do you know what is it to be like me? In the context of the letter it means being a hopeless loser. These people got some nerve! Maybe you are the happiest, most fulfilled individual on the block. If so, the time has come to trash the letter. If not, you follow the shocking story of your new pen-friend’s life when he was “like you”. And it is a Shakespearian-grade tragedy: lightning, thunder, flood, tornado, earthquake and a killer hidden in a tree for a control shot. That’s figuratively speaking. In "reality" the guy was poor, overworked, underpaid, friendless, detrimental, overweight, depressed and his wife hated him (who wouldn’t?). And all this he refers to as being "like you". What the…? Anyway, how did this schlemiel survive? Don’t have a guess yet?
He “received an invitation from this society”, his "luck changed completely”, he became "prosper in every area of life: emotionally, personally, physically, romantically and financially."

Aren’t you convinced by now? If not, there is more:

"You'll even learn how to control anyone and make any man or woman like you, admire you, or love you! All the money, power and romantic love you've ever wanted can come to you easily, effortlessly and automatically."

And all for free. Just for being incredible you. Another Wow. While you know that it is anything but free. And you also know you will not acquire any magical powers. You figured it out the latest – on page 3. Scam. Old-fashioned, delivered by postal services (first-class) dumb rip-off. As a marketing technique - severely outdated. As a literary exercise - calls for a good editor. Somehow, still in business. Is it a “secret society” part or “you are exceptional” part?
Rip it up, throw it away.

By the way, you may receive a letter with a message similar to this blog, exposing the Nouveau Tech Society or any other scamming guild, with the following ending statement:

Rip it up, throw it away. It’s no "secret" there. If you want to know the REAL SECRET to success, you need to contact us at www.

For this case of "sophisticated marketing", we need to repeat: rip it up, throw it away.