Sex sells.

Sexualized images are increasingly used to sell everything from perfume to hardware. No puritan attack will prevail against money-making marketing.

We worry about our kids being exposed to explicit sexual material. Now this problem has reached unprecedented heights. Previous generations of teens needed to be proactive to find an issue of Playboy hidden under dad’s mattress. Today’s kids need to be proactive to avoid porn. Bodily fluids leak from Internet into every inbox, web-site and video game. Internet is the first to blame, but sexual material still penetrates to movies, TV, music videos and magazines. It is not enough for parents to watch a movie with their offspring and cover his eyes when the actors are kissing. Parental control definitely helps by reducing the number of offensive websites your child can access, but it does not offer absolute protection. And how can we monitor the stuff they are getting on the cell phones?

Sexual curiosity is quite normal, though in today’s world it affects much younger population and we often catch pre-adolescents cruising the Internet for porn site. Why not, if every imaginable sexual act is just a google away? Many youngsters don’t even try to find forbidden images. They may just search for something innocent online, type in a wrong Web address, click on an e-mail link, instant message or chat room posting, and end up on a peculiar web-site. Statistically majority of kids get exposed to sexual images by accident.

Adult sites marketing techniques are highly impressive. Every time, someone clicks on its link, the site’s advertizing revenue goes up. For this reason many sites use pop-up windows. Known as ‘mouse napping,’ this technique traps users in an endless loop of porn. Some use ‘Home page hi-jacking’: they are planting a Java script command on computers to change the user’s default home page to a porn site. (A shocked user changes the setting back to the original and thinks, the problem is fixed, but after the computer is rebooted, the offensive site re-appears as the home page.) There are also ‘Stealth’ sites, buying expired domain names, utilizing common misspelling, or using celebrities’ names. And the worst Porn operators bury key words, including brand names of popular toys, in the code of their Web sites to attract children.

It is rather impossible to control adult sites in a global medium like Internet. Even in the countries, where pornography is banned and illegalized, it still makes it presence. The content that is banned in one jurisdiction may be easily accessible on servers in another jurisdiction.

We cannot protect our children from all the dangers of life. We can only hope, that their exposure to pornography will not happen too early or affect them drastically. Not everyone, who tries a drink, becomes an alcoholic. We can hope that an accidental encounter with adult entertainment will not become an addiction. We hope, our children will have successful relationships and enjoyable sex-life, when the time is right, of course.