The two things are inevitable in life - death and taxes. The difference – you don’t really know the scheduled time of death and this incident does not repeat itself. April 15th happens every year and everyone should solve the uniform government ‘quiz’. And it is not just a hard quiz for geniuses; there is stuff most people cannot comprehend. Even Albert Einstein said: "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax," and the guy was pretty smart. Really, tax game is tricky. If you earn anything, it's minus taxes. If you buy anything it's plus taxes. Why not to include it in prices and wages? Maybe, in 22nd century it will be figured out. For now we just need to accept and try to understand this fundamental economic concept. Find some appropriate analogy. Like, a piano becomes a harp after taxes. Set your mind on the harp. Does it help? Sorry, if it does not. Still, we need to file the taxes. The richest of us and the poorest. We all are equal in the face of taxes and death. But we are not equally honest. Some are simply arithmetically challenged, some are too linguistically gifted. The first falsify additions and deductions, the second – turn the tax form into science fiction. Both cases are not good. Shame on you, people. Be honest, just pay it. Or change your exempt and pay even more upfront. Then April 15 will become your lucky day, and you will receive your tax refund. Just don’t forget to mention it next year, because you will pay tax on your tax refund. Even if you did not actually receive it. I mean, if your tax refund was withheld due to your earlier years’ tax debt, next year you have to pay tax on the tax refund, that was not paid to you, but still is considered your ‘income’. It is complicated, we know. But be honest, even if you don’t understand. And if you make an occasional mistake, IRS will give you a chance to fix it. With penalty and interest. Over your lifetime. An average man now lives thirty-one years longer than he did in 1850. So it should be enough time to pay your tax debt.

You better trust IRS, this may be cheaper. People tend to trust ‘tax resolution’ companies that may charge you and not fulfill their obligations. ‘Settle back taxes’ scam on the top of legal taxation scheme. Be careful.

Some people try to hide their extra ten bucks in offshore banks. About every day some sucker gets off a cruise liner and opens a ‘trust and secret bank account’ with the nearest offshore service provider. And, about once a month, a publication such as ‘Offshore Alert’ or a scam site runs a story about this provider disappearing with their clients' money. And the clients cannot even report the thief to the authorities for fear of revealing that they have committed tax evasion. In a lucky case, when your ten bucks are not stolen, it is a chance that IRS can find your secret foreign account, and your unpaid tax on interest will guarantee you tax evasion charges. Don’t trust shady banks. Better trust IRS.

Some people intentionally expand their family to claim more dependants. Children are very expensive, even more so when they are grown, moved out and making the minimum wage. Deceased relatives entail pricy memorabilia. Logically, they are dependants, if only it is coordinated with census. However this idea also fails miserably. Be honest, people. For a stroke of luck, try to claim ‘Uncle Sam’ as a dependant. See, what will happen.

But better be law-abiding. Sometimes it is cheaper. Don’t cry for your savings.

A penny saved is a penny taxed.