How important are teeth in our life? More than we usually think. This fangled device may be just a little part of our head, but it is a huge multi-purpose part of our being.
Let’s assess some of the teeth purposes.


We are what we chew. We can still consume our food without mastication, but that will be a major abnormality. We need these calcified whitish structures to make the eating natural and enjoyable.


Let’s face it: bad-toothed people are outcasts of the society. Childhood braces are almost as common as diapers. A person with missing teeth has fewer chances to land a good job or find a cool mate. Still, people with imperfect teeth can be very attractive. We are yet to overcome society standards for “appropriate dental features”. What about the obsession with whiteness? Tastes differ. You may match your make-up and clothes with yellow teeth and feel gorgeous. You can paint your teeth different colors to avoid boredom. But we are not there yet. However, some celebrities already crossed the line by decorating their incisors and canines with precious metals and stones. That may become a new trend. You just need to be careful and not open your mouth in a bad area of the town. Or bring a bodyguard.


Toothache is remarkable. It makes you forget about digestive and esthetic aspects. You run to the dentist to leave this pain in his office. Together with the tooth and a weekly pay. The pain is so powerful, some women would prefer to give birth without epidural. Some people would hit a thumb with a hammer to forget about toothache. Some actually do.


Not many people will fall for a person with missing teeth. No one wants to be embarrassed by their date asking “path me thauthage, pleath” in a restaurant. Mean people even will not pass the damn sausage. The question of toothless romance is raised a lot by adolescent girls with delayed growth of permanent teeth. That’s worse than acne. Would boys like a girl with missing teeth? Teenage boys would not. Later they might like girls with no teeth at all. But this will be much later.


Your teeth are very important for forensic anthropologist. It’s like your fingerprints. Teeth can be a great help in case you will be murdered. Especially, if your body is damaged and fingerprints can't be taken.


Tooth fairy. Wonderful childhood memories. First experience with cancellation prize. First experience with pocket change. First realization that you can sell body parts for money.


Teeth are so popular in folklore; you can study different cultures through teeth sayings.

Different takes on the idea of food distribution:

"God gives almonds to one who has no teeth." (Spanish) – basic.
"He who has teeth has no bread, and he who has bread has no teeth." (Italian) – more complete.
"The God who gave us teeth will also give us bread." (Czech) – contradictory to the previous two.

Practical recommendations:

"Eat coconuts while you have teeth". (Senegalese)
"If you had teeth of steel, you could eat iron coconuts". (upgraded Senegalese)

Some interesting ideas on organs’ relationship:

"Teeth are all friends among each other". (African)
"The teeth often bite the tongue, still the two stay together". (Dutch)
"If the lips are gone, the teeth will grow cold". (Chinese)
"When the teeth fall off, the nose is sure to collapse". (Nigerian)

Teeth and mortality:

"In a hundred years our teeth will no longer hurt". (German)
"Some men dig their graves with their teeth". (English)
"Your canine teeth can take you to the grave". (Sicilian)

Some toothy wisdom carries identifiable national humor:

"A woman would rather swallow her teeth than her tongue". (French)
"When a thief kisses you, count your teeth". (Yiddish)
"Adam ate the apple and our teeth still ache". (Hungarian)
"The one who has helped others climb the ladder gets kicked in the teeth". (Swahili)
"Marriage has teeth and it bites hard". (Jamaican)

One more purpose: Teeth show when you're happy.