Is there anyone who has never bought a lottery ticket? At least once? Hoping for beginner’s luck? We all know the odds. We also know, government lottery is legit and there is a chance. A slightest chance, but still… A sure chance for adrenalin rush while we are waiting for the numbers to be revealed. What if? We already know how to spend our millions. What if not? The price of lottery ticket will not break the bank.

Lottery is a great idea. Spend a little to possibly gain a lot. (And the proceedings always go for a good cause). But the greater the idea – the greater the number of scams, it inspires. Auctions, installments and investments are based on the same idea: give a little – get a lot. Except for, scammers usually guarantee your winning. With all our common sense, defense mechanism and experience from past mistakes (hopefully made by others, not us), how come we are still falling for scams? Everyone thinks: “this can happen to other losers, I am way too smart to fall for it”. Or am I? When enticed with something I really want but can’t have? When an offer seems perfectly rightful? When I use common psychology to expose the fiddle and can find no fiddle? We don’t like to admit that the hustlers also befriend psychology and know how to prevent the tricks we can use to prevent their tricks. We prefer to think that our precautionary tactic worked and the offer is justified. We are half way there. Almost ready to become a victim. There is still a chance to double-check, dig for new warning signs and reconsider. However our psychology-experts scammers are not willing to give us time to think. Now they use the “scarcity” tactic. It’s now or never. The offer expires and supplies are limited. It is harder to think under pressure. We lose our guard. We become emotional. At this point the hustlers know what we want, what we are, so they can personalize the offer and throw some “specials”. We are even more tempted, and now we also feel unique. We feel that it is our game now.

It is hard to believe, but people who think they are very careful, are easier to be tricked. This is a psychology thesis. Psychology is a great science (though not everyone considers it precisely a science). Maybe, it is art. You can’t play mind games by the rules, it does not make sense. Your poker face is not a real trick. It is just one of the three choices: you are either hiding your real feelings, or acting the opposite to your feelings, or it is not a poker face. And don’t forget: the opponents, you are trying to trick, are also wearing poker faces.

Can we trust anyone or should we discriminate everyone by anticipating lies? Are we willing to lose in mind games?
Psychology is a science (or whatever it is) about us being us. And whatever it is, it cannot give all the answers. It raises more questions. Actually, one big question. WHY? Why it is either trick or be tricked? Why, being so unique individually, we are all falling for the same scams? Why we enjoy the mind games so much?

Maybe, it is in human nature – taking chances.