You have insomnia. Just can’t fall asleep. You keep twirling in bed with your eyes closed, and it does not make sense. So you open your eyes. You turn on the TV. You hope to find some relaxing program that will either put you to sleep or at least take your mind off that annoying question: "why can’t I sleep?" So, the TV is on, but you can’t find anything truly relaxing. Late night TV is all about infomercials. Who cares, let’s watch. Maybe there is something about the cure for insomnia. Would be nice. Or a new weight loss program. That will be a good time to consider. Or a fascinating workout device, or a magic cleaning product, or state-of-the-art makeup, or high-tech cookware… Your tired brain will digest everything. The control mechanism is disabled by the lack of sleep, your brain sends a signal to your right hand – grab a phone, and to the left hand – reach for the credit card. Ta-da! You’ve bought it. Whatever it is. What was it, by the way? Who cares…You are exhausted and now maybe falling into a short comatose sleep. You’ll think about it tomorrow.

It is possible, you’ve bought something great. Your sleepless night has paid off, and you now have a piece of something, you’ve always dreamed about.
It is also possible, the nature played a dirty trick on you, and it became clear the moment you’ve opened your eyes next morning. Too late, the deal is sealed. "What have I done"? You try to cancel – too late. They are quick, the shipment department works around the clock and that piece of something is on its way to meet the new owner. At least open and try it, maybe you’ll like it. All right, you open and try. Nope, don’t like it. You are awake now and you don’t feel the vigor of TV host and audience, and your piece of something does not look, smell or act like that magical piece from your late night TV encounter. Please, take the thing back. Okay, they will. They promised, they will take it back. And they will give your money back – they guaranteed. Except for shipping and handling. Which is annoying but fair. The shipment department, that works around the clock, did a good job and needs to be reimbursed. You can’t disagree. However you may need to ship the thing back at your own expense and you will not be reimbursed. "What have I done"? Okay, things happen, take a loss and try to forget about it. You can’t. You are haunted now. You go to the nearest shop and see that exact piece of thing. Same price or less, no shipping and handling fee. Big sign "As seen on TV". It can’t be true! As seen on TV, it should be "not available in stores". Liars! You finally understand the expression "making money off air". It means airing TV infomercials. Especially late at night. For sleepless losers like you. You have to admit, they are doing good job. They are energetic, entertaining and convincing. They make you feel like the world will come to an end because you don’t have a self straining spaghetti pot or you’ve never experienced the outcome of a male enhancement beverage. Okay, they got you. You fell for it once, learn from your mistakes and move forward. But you can’t. You try to stay busy all day and keep yourself from thinking "what have I done?" and "why am I such a loser?" But at night these nasty thoughts crawl back into your head and keep torturing you. You can’t shut them up. You can’t relax. You can’t fall asleep.

You twirl in bed with your eyes closed and it does not make any sense. You know you will not be able to sleep.

And then you turn your TV on…