We are looking for love. Always and everywhere. At school, at work, in a bar, on an airplane, in a doctor’s office, in a market, and recently we are actively looking for love in cyberspace. We mostly abandon the traditional matchmakers like our relatives or neighbors, we are reluctant to go on blind dates set by our friends, but we are getting more comfortable with ‘hyperdating’ on the Internet. We do almost everything on Internet, and now – ‘man shopping’. Nothing is wrong with it. Long-distance relations are not a novelty. It is a chance to find real love. Or great companionship. Or friendship for life. At least, it is kind of a recreational activity, it is entertainment. It is an opportunity to live in a fantasy world. Like a child creating an imaginary friend to fight his insecurities, an adult conceives a perfect mate that in fact is not imaginary – there is an actual someone conversing with you. You can keep it fantasy or you can take a risk and materialize your engagement.
You don’t need to show your photo Id right away, or your most recent photo, or a picture of YOU at all, thus you can be anyone you want to be. It is a little dishonest, but we can think of it as our fantasy and resistance to the boredom of everyday life. It is still you, expressing your genuine thoughts and feelings. And if you are too shy to approach people in a local bar, internet dating is your chance to open up to the world. It is a chance for the world to fall in love with you inside out: connecting first with your personality, no estrogen/testosterone involved.

Cyber dating is not only for those who are unable to meet people old-fashioned way. For some of us it is very easy to meet people. But it is never easy to find the ones we would like to date.

Do you believe in love at first site? If you don’t, try other sites. There are dating sites for anyone - age/sex/faith specific, sites for pet lovers, pizza haters, left-handed, right brained,.. any type of unique individuals. These sites are modern Human Resources for love matching. Yeah, they charge money, but so do the authentic door-to-door matchmakers. How about “Can’t buy me love”? Let’s say, we are paying not for love, but for the search engine. The sites organizers have the best intentions and fairly believe in the idea. By the way, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the founder of eHarmony himself, has found his new love on Kind of ironic. Though, he immediately turned it into advertising campaign for his own site, since charged him for another month after he’s announced his ‘happily-ever-after’ and requested to cancel his account. Anyway, congratulations, Mr. Warren!

There are lots of widely advertised success stories of Internet dating. People are more willing to share their success then publicize embarrassing, heart-breaking or scary episodes of their romantic online activity. And we know, this happens a lot. The anonymity of Internet dating made it a perfect playground for con artists. One out of ten online dating users is a scammer; one out of ten sex-offenders is using internet sites to meet people. Scary… From the other side, when our close friends set us up with someone, can they give us a 100% guarantee for no skeletons in the closet? Life is scary, use it with caution.

Total or partial success, many couples who met online keep seeing each other. These people allowed plenty of time to work on their cyber romance and got comfortable enough to bring their fantasy to reality. And while anticipation is the sweetest part of a love affair, it comes the time when you are ready to meet your mate in flesh, to see, to smell, to touch, to kiss, to unite in ecstasy and to open a joint checking account. We know that men are usually two inches shorter and women – ten pounds heavier in real life, so what? What’s Love got to do with it?