Family dollar, Dollar General, Dollar tree, Dollar store, 99 cents store - everything from canned food and household items to motor oil, and all for under a buck. The popularity of these discount stores is growing at the same rate as the amount of actual dollars is shrinking in people’s pockets.
While most big retail chains are closing stores and cutting back on new outlets, the dollar chains are opening hundreds of new stores in some of the best locations to which they have ever had access.

So long, the era of luxuries…

Everything-under-a-dollar idea is thriving. Sure, there are tons of outlandish items, no one will buy even for under a dime, but the stores are also offering a variety of useful wholesale closeouts, you can actually need and save on. Some caution is advised: you better check for expiration dates, FDA/ADA/..DA approval, brand reputation. Some math is helpful as well: a single dollar store item can be sold in a pack of six for $4.99 in a regular store – just do some calculations.

Dollar stores don’t look cheap nowadays; they are clean and nicely equipped. Even equipped with a customer’s bathroom. Not always, however, as we learned from our customer’s post. Now we are moving to the area of public bathrooms, that goes way beyond the Dollar stores. All the way to the most exquisite stores and restaurants.

Public lavatories as separate venues are not really popular in many townships. We may be not comfortable to talk about the problem, but the problem is as essential as the nature itself. While we are still not comfortable to use the nature as bathroom. We prefer conventional plumbing, not bushes.

Any solution for our kids who always “have-to-go-right-now”, and whom we need to drag along for shopping and long relaxing walks? Keep them in diapers until they can hold for hours?

Any solution for ourselves, who can also have uncontrollable urges once in a while?

We respect the store rules for not allowing customers to the employee bathroom. We also expect some sympathy from store executives to shoppers in crisis (like unplanned diarrhea). Some extreme circumstances could be a ground for breaking the store’s rules. It can also save the employees from unpleasant duties of cleaning the customer’s bodily fluids from the store’s floor.

We understand that letting a customer to an unauthorized bathroom can raise insurance issues. It is also a danger of customer leaving an explosive under the sink, setting up a robbery or plainly shoplifting. We understand… We also understand that the only way to prevent the bathroom crime is to put security cameras in the area. Not the best idea – for anyone. For the store it is a forthcoming lawsuit, and for the customers… well, we are not always camera ready in the bathroom.

The bottom line, we would like more designated bathroom parlors in the streets, even if we have to pay a fee for using. Like a dollar. Like a price of a single dollar store item.