Melaleuca - what a beautiful name for a beautiful tree. Trees are among the most valuable and gorgeous products of nature. Trees give us oxygen, food, shelter; trees also give us universal analogies for ourselves and our communities. Every functioning company is a tree. Can you picture a company tree diagram? It usually starts with the owner/manager at the top and spreads down. Let’s turn it upside down (sorry, Mr. Owner/ Mr. Manager). Now it looks more like a natural tree. The Big Guys became the root and the essential trunk. The branches directly attached to the trunk we call Reporting-directly-to-Big-Guys, the branches attached to other branches – Reporting-to-Guys-Not-This-Big, Reporting-to-Even-Smaller-Guys, and so on. Finally, the leaves – Reporting-to-Whomever-But- Really -to-Everyone, right on the border between the company domain and the outside world. Leaves are the crown of the tree (botanical - crone); it’s most beautiful and most vulnerable part. LEAVES MAKE FOOD FOR THE TREE. This is the best visual for marketing organizations, working with independent distributors. Here comes Melaleuca, what a beautiful name for a company. So, you are a leaf, I mean a distributor, with an option to become a branch by employing your buddies (botanical – producing buds), who become leaves.

Leaves expose chlorophyll surface to the sun, turn the sunlight into food energy, produce oxygen, regulate the temperature, evaporate the water used in food-building, filter particles from the air, reduce wind resistance…

Leaves are the most functional. Why are you so anxious to become a branch and get as close to the root as possible? Because LEAVES MAKE FOOD FOR THE TREE. The whole tree. Not much is left for themselves. That’s why they soon turn yellow-red-brown and die. And the branches? Most of them stay alive. And the trunk? Typically, fatter every year. The root system keeps expanding in favorable weather.

Suppose, you can’t make it to a branch. That’s too bad. You are attached to the tree. Kind of voluntarily. Now you want out. Maybe, you found a greener pasture and targeted a better tree. You quit doing photosynthesis and just ask to let you go. That’s too bad. Month after month you are unable to cancel your membership, and the energy, still left in your leaf, is being sucked out. Forget the better tree, if only they let you fall off, maybe it would be less tragic to rot on the ground and become compost. But the Nature is as cruel as it is beautiful.

Melaleuca produces Tea Tree Oil, used in vitamins and supplements, beauty products and cleaning goods. The oil provides antibacterial and antifungal effects, cures colds, headaches, neuralgia and rheumatism. Melaleuca delivers wellness, freshness and clean environment.

All right, the product is good. You are willing to support it as a customer, if they’ll let you out. But they won’t. Because the moment you join a wholesale club, you become a juicy green leaf that makes food for the entire tree. Any tree, I mean, any company, making use of individual distributors. Melaleuca is just a beautiful name we can’t resist.

Be careful becoming a wholesale distributor, use your best judgment. Good thing can turn pretty bad. As in life. As in Nature. Nature is as unpredictable, as it is beautiful.

Melaleuca (the tree) was planted in Hawaii and South Florida to help drain low-lying swamps. Instead, it turned into a fast-growing invasive weed, spreading aggressively, displacing native species, creating fire hazard, and ultimately turning the area into swamp.