In struggling market, the timeshare subject re-appeared on the surface. Except, this time you are not offered to buy it. It is more of “Sell your timeshare”.
With the emphasis on “FOR CASH!” Okay, cash is good. Many timeshare owners purchased their paradise week thinking more of an investment than of a cheaper version of a vacation home. Can we say now, things are going as planned? Not really. Too little, too soon. Way too soon. But in present situation – thank you very much. Get me out of monthly payments, maintenance fees, and exchange expenses. It’s tragic to lose a valuable asset, but at least help me keep my primary residence, so thanks a lot for the opportunity. Even coming too soon. Now give me my cash, please. I’ll settle for “too little”.

Not so fast, people. Cash likes thoroughness. First, are you sure, you are in fact selling? Timeshare resale fraud is on an accelerating rise. Be aware.
Suppose, you are careful, meticulous and simply lucky. Not a fraud, you are selling with a legitimate company, your timeshare is marketed, now “show me the money".

Not so fast. Most resellers perform rather complicated transaction, that you will not entirely understand, except for the part, that there is no money for you at the end of it. How come? Told you, it’s complicated. Timeshare owner needs to cover closing cost, deed transfer, etcetera. ‘Etcetera’ is usually the most expensive item. Some charges are regulated, for example, an amount of 7 maintenance fees, some are unpredictable. As a result, what do you get? You get out of your timeshare, and you get to deduct the loss on income tax. “Too little”, no kidding.

And what happens with your week in paradise? It is probably sold to some travel deal, like It can’t be that someone is selling while no one is buying. Actually, some people may still buy. Buying timeshare is fun; at least it was fun during the golden age of sharing your vacation joint. Speaking about all the exciting freebies just for committing to a 90-minutes relaxing tour of the property. Relatively relaxing, for the most part. Sure, you need to survive the pressure of a dedicated “working hard for the money” salesman. This energetic guy will go the distance to persuade you. He will break the rules for you: if you need to be a married couple making at least 50 K a year to be qualified, he’ll sell to a single guy, hardly making 15 grand. Some people say - the salesman will attempt to turn a couple against each other in order to get the sale. You will be exhausted (regardless, you bought the property or not), but – remember the freebies? And the relaxing part of the tour, that is the tour itself? What a view! Most of the resorts are fascinating. All of the model estates - for fact. It even became the embodiment of “what you see is not necessarily what you get”. The following parable was written by slightly disappointed timeshare community.

"Death of a timeshare salesman":

A timeshare guy dies and is waiting to enter heaven. He walks up to St Peter and St Peter says: “For your entire life, you were giving people choices that they didn’t have with their vacation dollars, so it’s only fair that you get a choice as well. You can choose to either go to heaven or to hell but first I'm going to show you your options". St Peter snapped his fingers and instantly they were in hell.

Hell was beautiful, nothing like he expected. He saw all his friends from earth and they were having a party, eating and drinking, laughing, having a good time telling stories about earth and it was the best time he ever had. Then St Peter says: “Well, time’s up”, he snaps his fingers and instantly they are in heaven.
Heaven is gorgeous and everyone is worshipping god, singing praises and praying for forgiveness over and over. He really feels wanted and content. “Times up” says St. Peter as he snaps his finger transporting them instantly back to the pearly gates. "So which is it?" St Peter asks.
"Well, I never thought I'd ever say this but I think I'm going to go with hell, I had so much fun there."
"So be it" says St Peter as he snaps his finger sending him to hell.
Now hell is different, it doesn’t look the same, there’s fire and brimstone everywhere and he’s chained to a hot stone, and he is surrounded by heat and blood curdling screams.
"There must be a mistake!" The timeshare guy screams out to the devil, "What is this? This isn't how it looked last time I was here!"
The devil looked up with a smug grin.... "Oh you, you must have been on tour."