• False advertising
• Personnel rudeness
• Automated voice systems




Metro PCS is not really an issue here; all the feature complaints report popular customer-pissing matters, truly global and not business-specific.

1. False advertising. Not really false, but artistically crafted, so you will not be able to resist it. You discover later, not all promises are kept and some are slightly exaggerated, but that’s later. For now – enjoy the anticipation. Nothing new here. We all know that, but for some reason keep getting upset.

2. Gangster behind the counter – that’s a strong title. Personnel rudeness again. And again, and again. But in this case the complainer did not get the expected sympathy from the fellow-pissed-consumers. Quite the opposite, the post started a new political movement: Is it the personnel who is rude, or is it us, who are offensive? We are unable to explain the problem and unwilling to except a solution. Some criticism of a customer for a change.

3. And, introducing today’s special (drum roll) – the Robophone! Cannot get a live person on the phone. Is anyone there really thinks that the automatic voice systems improve communication? Really? Wouldn’t you prefer a rude guy from topic 2? Let the gangster insult you, yell at you, punch you in your face. At least you can yell back, punch him back, get him fired, get him arrested, get yourself arrested... You may not solve your problem, but you’ll feel so much better. The robophone thing will not give you this pleasure. The thing has no feelings, it sounds polite and patient, it will not hang up on you, it will drive you to coronary failure, and you cannot even complain.

- Please, listen carefully, as our menu options have changed
(Nothing ever changes; do they say it just to make you listen carefully?)
- If you are a new customer and want to open an account, please say Yes.
- No, I just want to ask a question.

(You should not say No, that’s the part it gets)
- I think I got it. You are an existing customer. Please, say your 25-digit account number, one digit at a time.
- You entered: I, M, O, U…
- NO-O-O!!!
- I think I got it. Let’s start again. Please, say your 25-digit account number, one digit at a time.
- I want to speak to a live person!
- Sorry, I don’t get it.
- Operator!
- Sorry, I don’t get it.
- Supervisor!
- Sorry, I don’t get it.
- Customer support!
- Sorry, I don’t get it.

(You are screaming so hard, you start coughing)
- You entered K,H,K,H,K,H…
- Shut up!
- This is not a valid answer. Please, say…
- Give me a man, A MAN, you stupid robot!
- I think I got it. If you want to return to the main menu, please say Yes.
- Y-E-E-E-S!
- Was it a Yes? Please, say Yes if it was a Yes.
- YES.
- Please, listen carefully, as our menu options have changed.
- You idiot!
- Sorry, I don’t get it.
- That’s what I mean.
- Are you a new customer?

Yeah, we are all still new to this technology advancement, and voice recognition still needs to be tested on animals, unless PETA will object.