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  • Magic Jack Customer Service
  • One special MJ complaint






Magic Jack is a relatively new market gig, still widely talked about. We all are doing our best trying to catch up with technology progress. Is it really this good? Are we ready for this? What to expect from a product with such an arrogant brand name? Okay, we understand, it is not really MAGIC. We’ve already tried the “Magic eraser”, it does not put a new coat of paint on the wall, it just wipes the stains using chemicals and our muscle power.  Hence, not-real-magic Magic Jack is just a new VOIP phone and needs to be judged as such. First of all, it requires a certain technical basis. You need to have a GOOD Internet connection and a well- tuned computer. Most technical problems, blamed on the Magic Jack are Internet or computer related. A good car will not run its best on a bad road. Confident in your Internet and PC but still having problems? Now criticize the MJ.

First, a look at Magic Jack as an item for consumption.

We won’t even try to compare MJ with conventional landline services, they don’t stand a chance. Magic Jack versus cell-phones? Nothing can top having your connection to the world everywhere you go, right in your pocket. A little pricy, but the cell-phone is still the leader.
How about other, more mature VOIP services, like Vonage and Skype? MagicJack is over 20 times cheaper than Vonage, while Skype is FREE (how many times cheaper is that?). Skype wins.

  1. Skype does not have free voice mail, call waiting and 911 services. MJ wins.
  2. Skype and MJ need to use and rely on your computer. Vonage wins.
  3. MJ occupies a USB port (just one available for most laptops). Skype scores again.
  4. Skype can only connect you with other Skype users. One point to MJ.
  5. And so on… Overall, MJ stands rather high.

Next, Magic Jack customer service.

As usual, this is what affects our opinion of the product the most. Bad service can totally ruin our experience with a flawless product. And at times it seems like the quality of customer service is proportional to the price of the product. With MJ cost of about a nickel a day, can we expect to be treated like we are buying a Millionaire’s Club membership? Oh yeah, we are. We want to be treated with class as an owner of a yacht, or a floor lamp, or douche soap, or a Magic Jack.

As always, buying a new widely advertised product:

  • Make sure that you are ordering from an authorized distributor and not some con artist.
  • Find (and check) company’s contact information BEFORE you sign up.
  • Check the product’s rating.
  • Keep doing what you are doing: report a bed service, share your knowledge with others, and keep visiting this site. Your contribution into global fight for better service can make a difference.

Finally, one outstanding MJ complaint.

THE STUPID THING MEED A ***-NUMBER SO WE CAN TALK TO REAL PEOPLE The author definitely has issues with Magic Jack, just cannot express them verbally. Maybe, he is stalked by MJ, receiving life threats, and simply scared. That’s why his message is ciphered. Any cryptologists in the house? He might be sending a very important message. We feel the pain of “aiuga hgs”, we sympathize with “ud ai aiud“, we just need to know what he asks us to do by “yall did nbeef to”.