It looks like we are facing an epidemic of collection agencies harassment. As devastating as it can be, being bugged for the debts you’ve never generated, is far more injurious. You feel like fighting windmills. Your name on an account, you’ve never opened - a mystery, no one is willing to solve. The provider company cannot locate you on any unpaid accounts – another mystery. So therefore, who hired the collection agency – a mystery that does not even matter at this time, nobody is going to chase a phantom. You have an unpaid charge in your name – pay it, or prove that it is not yours. “I did not do this” will not work, is this your name? – Pay. “I did not live in the area of service” – you could come visit for a day just to open a residential telephone account with a local servicer. Is this your name? – Pay. “That was 10 years ago and I was just 8 years old at that time” – sounds like an alibi, but this is your name, right? The last one is ridiculous (not funny, though). Trying to collect a 10-years old debt? Were they waiting until it matures? And attempting to hold a minor responsible? Something is creepy here, or the world is going crazy.

The first thing that comes to mind is identity theft. Another trend that is growing to pandemic proportions. But with full-grown identity theft you should expect jewelry and estates purchased in your name. And our posts only relate to a handful of phone companies’ debts with up to several hundred charges. What a weird idea to steal someone’s identity to make a couple of phone calls to New Zealand.

Still, let’s research into it. If it is an identity theft, don’t be so mad at the collections agent. In this case his agency is not as much your enemy, as your co-victim. Along with the original creditor (phone company in our case). For the creditor, reporting you to a collection agency is not the first choice. Usually a company sells your debt to collectors for less than the amount of original debt. So the creditor is the first injured party, though they are losing a bit versus everything. Now it is the collections turn. They will try to gross on the investment or at least return it. Also at risk to suffer a loss. But in any case, the most injured party is you. Your credit score suffers, your time is spent on endless disputes, claims and complaints, you are exhausted trying to prove who you are and what you did not do.

See yourself fighting windmills? You know - you are right. You just don’t know who the imaginary monsters on the other side are. Despite a popular confusion they are not the collection guys, harassing you with their services. These guys are just involuntary accomplices of Evil.