Anytime Fitness compliment by an employee - NOT ALL ATF ARE THE SAME

Good manager fired – people boycott the gym - STEVE ST PETER ASKS MANAGER TO RESIGN AFTER 500 MEMBERS

A debatable complaint - MELINDA LEWIS OF MACCLENNY

Who can afford a gym membership in this difficult time? Actually, many. Especially in a difficult time. We still need to stay healthy, and more than ever we need some stress relief. Sure, we can jog around the neighborhood and do sit-ups in our living room, but going to the gym is also a way to go out, mingle, and be pampered (the last requires friendly and professional gym staff).

The featured posts are about Anytime Fitness, but can as well apply to any fitness club. Anytime Fitness is generally a good one, and we’ll be focusing more not on the gym, but on your posts.
First, it is nice to see a “compliment”, not a “complaint” for a change. We like to criticize, we need to share our frustration, but never can find time to praise. An Anytime Fitness employee (first post) found time to defend her work place and share her positive experience. As we are drowned in negativity, it is good to know that someone out there enjoys his job, co-workers and managers. Immediately, there are “you are naïve”, “we know different” and “what about the whole franchise industry” responses, but still thank you, author, for an uplifting post.

The second post proves that your participation on a site like this can make a difference. A good manager was fired from another Anytime Fitness location, a concerned member shared his resentment on our site, and it started a boycott of that particular gym. Forget about “Franchise Industry” or “I want my money back”. Someone stood up against injustice and found support, at least from local folks. That is the way to go.

The third piece as an actual complaint. And while we are totally agree that rude and nasty employees of a fitness club should be criticized, some fragments of the complaint did not sound legit: “why is it that Anytime Fitness has an over-weight, out of shape, employee…?” We kind of sense a hint of discrimination here. No doubt, we expect our personal trainer to be all pumped up and our aerobics instructor perfectly lean. At the end of the day we want to look like them. But do these requirements apply to the gym’s front desk clerks or managers? Do ‘real-size’ employees jeopardize the fitness clubs image? And by mentioning the appearance in our complaints, don’t we become as rude and tacky as the ones we pick holes in?