One of Petco complaints this week was called ‘TOOK 7 HOURS TO GROOM HALF MY CAT’.

You cannot overlook a title like this. Two disturbing images immediately emerge in your head. One of a disfigured pet with buzz cut on the right half of his body and long fuzz on the left. Another - of a torturous grooming procedure going for 7 hours straight by stripping thin layer after layer of the poor animal’s body. Okay, it was not this bad. Most of the body was buzzed, while the head and legs still long-haired. All in all, the cat was made into a poodle. And the 7 hours were mostly spent waiting for the service. The most disturbing part is that the customer was still charged half of the price. Wait a minute, how many of you are being paid for job half-done? Half-done and done wrong? Half-done-wrong, spending the time that tripled the estimate? And speaking of grooming, this industry sometimes offers half-job for free as a demo. Those, who happened to fall for ‘free makeover’ scam in a shopping mall, know the demo deal. You will only get one side of your face decorated. Want the second side made up? Pay, or spend the rest of the day in ‘Victor/Victoria’ character. In any event, the first glamorized half is free.

Let’s admit, in our cat’s case the groomers also gave him a manicure (or pedicure?). Per cat’s owner, the nails were cut too short, so he (the cat, not the owner) could not even get on the couch; but at least this service was performed on all the 18 toes.

Overall, we have one very pissed customer, one exhausted cat, and one more example of a disservice paid for as service.

When the object of disservice is a living thing, it borders on a crime.

This topic continues in another Petco post ‘PETCO - SELLS SICK ANIMALS AND DOESN'T CARE!!

The customer suspects that her hamster was sold already infected with Wet-tail (diarrhea). May sound funny, unless it is YOUR pet. Apparently the store had a return policy with some restrictions applied. Within 15 days you can bring your sick merchandise, so the store will provide treatment, but you will never see your animal again. It will be a return. Want to keep the pet – take it to your vet for your own money. It would be fair to mention another paragraph of the store’s policy: “a visit to a vet within 15 days of purchase will be reimbursed by Petco”. Though, this humanitarian option was modestly held back and not offered to the customer. Princess (the hamster) was returned to the store and died several days later. We cannot blame anyone, maybe it was her time.

At the end of the day, we are just talking about customer service here.