Finding a good care for your child is the most emotional and horrifying experience. No one seems to be good enough for your baby, yourself included. Can you provide your precious ones with the best? It is so crucial to give them the best. Especially, in the beginning. When they are brand new… First 6 months… First 15 month… First 15 years… But especially when they are brand new. So sad, when mommy needs to go to work this soon. But she does. Sometimes to make just enough money to pay for daycare. So here is the daycare – some strange people, a baby is trusted to. And here is a mother, picking up her infant. And the mother sees how “the other little ones crawl out the door and down the sidewalk”, unnoticed by the teachers. ( KINDERCARE - CHILD CRAWLED OUT ONTO SIDEWALK, NO ONE WAS WATCHING) Sure, the mother grabs her bundle of joy and never comes back to that daycare. But she will probably be haunted by what she’s seen. And even more - by what she has not seen. What is happening when we are not there? A back door slightly opened for fresh air. Two nannies busy with other kids, none of them is a Mary Poppins… Here is one of the CFOC (Caring for Our Children) standards: “The physical layout of facilities shall be arranged so that all areas can be viewed by at least one other adult in addition to the caregiver at all times". Even if everything can be viewed, is it actually viewed at all times? Scary.

And even in the picture perfect facilities, it is the personnel we worry about the most. Another CFOC standard says:" Directors and large family home caregivers shall check references and examine employment history before employing any staff, including substitutes". Most likely, this rule is always carried out. Still, another mom finds inappropriate footage of her kindergarten’s teachers on the web. ( KINDERCARE TEACHERS ON A WEBSITE!!!!). Okay, the ladies were off duty, drunk and merry on their personal time, wearing provocative clothes and using profane language. Probably at work, around children they look and act like catholic school valedictorians. Maybe, they are really good with kids. But for the complaining mother their Face book exposure was enough to want to grab her precious one and run; and maybe even report the hoodlums to authorities. Can she do it? Will it be an invasion of girls’ privacy? Only in case, Face book escapades are considered “private".

There is another mom, not happy with Kinder Care. (KINDERCARE CALLED CPS ON ME). Not another case of "grab my precious one and run". Quite the opposite, the daycare reported the mom to CPS. And she did not like it. But the Kinder Care team did not like hearing the lady calling her kids "stupid" and "idiots". They even sat with her privately and discussed how name-calling can negatively affect the children. The mom however had a very logical explanation: she called the kids (her words) "idiots because they were behaving like idiots". There is some kind of rationale here, isn’t it? But what the daycare people really did not like is when a little girl was crying and the mom (her words) "I slapped her across the face and told her to shut up. All I was doing was disciplining my daughter". So, the Kinder Care called CPS. The Mommy Dearest did not like it. Again, she has her own explanation. (Her words) "They call CPS on you if they don't like you. They don't like me because I made several complaints to them. They have no right to interfere with my discipline of my daughters". Sorry for using so many citations. Just can’t say it better. Finally, a complaint that is in fact a report of good service.