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(Continued) to get their money back. Did you ever stop to think If Lisa used moral values with her business this blog wouldn't be here? These people want resolution to a problem they didn't cause... I am sorry for the loss of your friend and the loss for her family. May you find peace through this.
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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Blind Scapes - Money Return Review from F.e. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

To the person who has mentioned "moral compass"... Lisa did not have any morals pertaining to taking the money from her customers and not ordering the product they paid for. I repeat, that they paid for! I think you need to sit back and think about that. First of all, don't read it! Have her family and friends stay off this sight. Leave this sight for people who want to know what they can do to have their money returned to them. Mourn the death of your loved one and let them deal with this the way they want. Did you ever think that if Lisa had applied moral values to her business this blog wouldn't even exist? Deepest Sympathy to you and her family through this very difficult time...I think you may be having a hard time finding out just what Lisa was doing to many many people. May you find closure soon...
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F.e. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

Blind Scapes - Medical Issues Review from Colorado Springs, Colorado

To have a moral compass it is proper to leave the deceased to rest in peace. Her family, ex family, customers, anyone else should leave this family alone. The disparaging comments, assumptions of what you think you knew about her medical issues is not anyone's business. She did have medical issues, but that isn't anyone's business. Her children shouldn't have to read this garbage in the Internet one day. She has amazing children, resilient, kind, and loving. Lets not hurt them. Whatever their mother did doesnt define them. She is gone now, it's fruitless. Like beating someone to death who is already dead.
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If you have a problem with the victims of Lisa stop reading this site. It's the only tool we have to stay in contact with one another to keep the investigation going.

The detective we spoke to said that they searched her house and found a lot of evidence against her. She stole over 400K worth of money that we all worked very hard to make. The detective also said that they were going to arrest her upon her return from Michigan and that she would be put away for a long time. It's odd that she died while she was out of town.

I think she felt cornered and knew what was coming and didn't want to take responsibility and serve the time. The law doesn't have sympathy for criminals. Do the crime, do the time! I do feel bad for her children because they have to see who their mother really was.

Shame on her husband as well for helping out with this so called business. I keep hearing people say Lisa was a good Christian woman because she was not. If you have a problem with our comments on this site stop looking at it and direct her family to not look at it. You've mad a choice to read this stuff because you know it's true.

That's the beauty of this country (FREEDOM of SPEECH).

Just because she has passed away does not make it go away and it doesn't give her a clean slate. I'm sorry we were all ripped of by this woman and her husband and I hope the police find a swift resolution soon.


This just happened to us and are trying to figure it who to talk to. Can anyone give is the name of the detective?

We are out a couple thousand as well. We did find where her husband owns the house so I would think he would need to sell and pay everyone back.

Any help from other customers on here would be great.


The detective works at the Stetson Hill Police department. I believe her name is posted in one of the other posts.

You might have to go through the one post that has 59 comments on it.

Or just give that police station a call and ask. We are all in the same boat with you.


While I understand the Lisa Rockwell has died, it was my understanding that her husband Greg Rockwell was a part of the business as well. I have tried repeatedly to get in contact with him over my $5,000 in window treatments still owed.

I purchased them after she apparently filed for bankruptcy and am not included on the list of creditors. I don't know where to turn. Is it even worth filing in small claims at this point?

I cannot afford to loose this much money. Is there still an investigation going on?


Agreed that they shouldn't have to see it but they are going to regardless. This has not died with her.

Maybe she should have thought of the repercussions before she left this mess for her family to deal with. This did not happen overnight due to an illness. This was a deliberate, purposeful act committed against MANY, MANY people. What you see on here is only a sampling of what was going on for years.

Too bad it took a forum like this for many of us to find one another, sadly a little too late. As for extended illness, many of us just don't believe it. We have heard every excuse in the book. From death (lost track of how many relatives and best friend's have died) parents dead or dying, personal illness, family illness, family tragedies, theft (from workers), manufacturer problems and the list goes on.

For those of you that think she was a wonderful person maybe you should take a closer look to what is being said and realize that there was a whole other side to this person that you didn't know. Since none of US knew her better side it is hard to be sympathetic to who she left behind, of course every person has a family but we haven't seen that side. All we know is a pathological liar who stole A LOT of money from good, hard working people. Try looking at it from our perspective.

If someone ripped you off for $2000-$10,000, would you care what their story was?

Not likely. you would want your money back or justice to be served.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Got taken

I had her take around 2900 this last feb. I did get a judgement in smalls claims court last month. I made sure to include her husband too so I can still pursue them. It's so sad we need a blog in order to round up the customers she screwed over. It's too bad she didn't face her 30yrs like the detective said she was looking at. I'm currently looking into filing lien on their property and going for his wages. I'm not letting this go just because she is dead. The lies she embarrassing. She had no empathy when she took my money and I have none for her now.
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Too bad she didn't think about them.


What about the innocent children?


This has nothing to do with her children! It's her and her husband ripping off 400K from hard working people.

We probably all payed for her trip to Michigan as well because I know they didn't.

You break the law you do the time. There will be no sympathy for her.


They robbed my kids of 16000.00 in back child support which the lien they has would have satisfied. But no they decided to give the money to the deadbeat who owes these children he claims he loves.

He has not spent a penny on them. We go to child support court in may again for what.

To waste my time when I could be making money to support my children. This is ridiculous.

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You people are sick heartless individuals.

My cousin Lisa, died this is a fact. Her kids are left without a mother. Okay you got ripped off let it go. Get a hold of the right people but don't just keep a smear board open for your pleasure. I love Lisa and miss her. and I am especially worried about my aunt and uncles deteriorating health. Find help someplace and respect our family.Find help someplace and respect our family.Find help someplace and respect our family.Find help someplace and respect our family.Find help someplace and respect our family.Find help someplace and respect our family.
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I’m an old friend of Lisa’s. Just heard of her passing. What happened ?


Your family (LISA) ripped off 400K from people that trusted her to deliver a product. Lisa was going to go to prison for a very long time.

Our hard earned money is gone and we will not rest until every resource is exhausted. Sorry for your loss but it's not going to go away.

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Placerville, California

Blind Scapes - Company Business Practice Review

Yes, Lisa did rip off many people, and I know everyone wants their money back, but Lisa has died. She was a *** artist and it is unfortunate that she has passed away. Her obituary is out on the internet, if you need to go to michigan to see how devastated her children are for the "proof" you're hoping for then go. She did take a lot of money from everyone, but she is dead, her family is broken. I'm sure if Greg knew about it then he will pay it off, but please give the man some time.
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She did it to herself and to her family don't look at us as bad people for wanting our money back! I'm tired of people standing up for Lisa and Jeff.

They are both guilty of fraud and time will show it.

Stop saying they are good Christian people! Good Christian people don't see hundreds of thousands of dollars from people.

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Denver, Colorado

Buyers Beware. Blinds and Design for Less is as bad as Blindscapes was; same owner

We ordered our blinds over three months ago and have been told they will be here in 9 days (three weeks ago), Lisa Rockwell has excuse after excuse; she had surgery, had charges in her account reversed... and our order still wasn't shipped. We like Lisa but I hope to help other buyers avoid using this company and going through the same agony. Be prepared for small claims court to get your product. We'll be lucky to get our money back. Do your research and learn not to use this company or any others owned or operated by Lisa Rockwell.
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New Reviewer

Ordered blinds from BLIND SCAPES then waited 9 months

I ordered and paid for custom skylight blinds on July 22, 2011. More than nine months later, they were finally installed. Each time I called Lisa Foster, I was given some excuse why the blinds were delayed. First they were sent to another city, then her business partner told her they had been installed (when they had not), and then her partner left the business and took all the money. She said at that point that she had to reorder the blinds at her own cost. A family illness was the next delay. Finally, she told us that we were responsible for connecting the outlets, which was the first mention of that. Her installer had told me that "the decorator takes care of that" when he measured for the blinds in the first place. When pressed, she said she would arrange for an electrician, and then did not follow through. In an e-mail, she alleged that an electrician had called three times and we had not responded. This was patently false. .She also said that the installer had tried to install the blinds, but couldn't because of the lack of electricity. Also a false statement as the ins taller had not returned for that purpose. Never did Lisa initiate communication, I had to constantly call her and was given repeated excuses, but no service. It is very obvious that Lisa is all about sales and nothing about service! I would NEVER do business with BLIND SCAPES again!
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I hope you all find a resolution.


Sadly Lisa did pass away. Her children are devastated and miss their mother.

I am sorry to hear of all of the poor business practices that Lisa did which hurt so many people. This has all been a shock to even her friends.

I have even had to admit that Lisa may not have been the person I thought she was, which has been hard to comprehend but am accepting the reality. I am sorry for everyone who has been affected by her and deeply saddened for her babies.


I am the sister of one of her ex-husbands. She is indeed dead.

She had 3 children who are left without a mother. She did rip off many people, she wreaked havoc in the lives of her ex- husbands lives and used her children as pawns to get more child support. She alienated her children from their fathers. She was ill because she had gastric by-pass surgery and didn't follow the after care instructions for years so she became worse.

She did not have cancer and was not receiving chemotherapy.

I would strongly suggest you go after Greg Rockwell, he knew what she was doing. Also, if you are a praying person please pray for her three children and her parents.


What you say is mostly true, but she was having chemo for a blood disorder, not cancer. So she was receiving monthly treatments.


Lisa is gone. May she rest in peace.

I understand the people that she allegedly stole from are upset- if true- rightfully so.

But a sister of an ex-husband making disparaging comments about her on a consumer report page??? That is an all-time low. I suppose she confided in you about her health history too! Her poor children & family who are innocent victims in all of this.

Not only do they have to come to terms with her death and finding out about her alleged criminal activity, they are left to deal with family members like you. Look who's calling the kettle black. Shame on you!

Please, people, think of her children and family when you are posting comments.

You have an avenue to deal with the theft issues. Contact the police if you believe a theft occurred, but please respect her children, parents, siblings, and extended family.

Pray for understanding, forgiveness, and healing.


There is no praying for understanding she took a lot of money! Feel bad for her children for having a terrible mom.

It doesn't change the fact that she was a criminal and she would have gone to jail for a long time. The police have already been contacted and they were days away from arresting her. I was told there were two binders of reports against her, so that's proof enough of who she really was.

If you don't believe all of us do some research! This website, the Better Business Bureau, and many other review sites, all have negative reviews because she took our money and ran.


I'll pray for you... that you find peace someday and can move on from the horrific blind/drapery scam that you have endured.

I cannot imagine going through something so dreadful.

I hope you will be able to save up some money to purchase new blinds soon. Maybe your community could have a bake sale or take up a collection so you will not have to suffer another day with the sun shining through your windows.Keep your chin up, I hope things get better soon.


Lisa did, in fact, pass away on Monday afternoon. It is sad for her children to lose their mother.

Her obit is posted online via the funeral home.


Hi everyone,

So I got a call from the detective that did confirm Lisa died. She assured me a cop confirmed her identity and they were also performing an autopsy, which would confirm her identity with finger prints and everything.

She also told me they did have enough information to arrest her and were planning on it in a couple weeks (when they had all reports done). Sorry to have to confirm this... because she did screw us over and now there is nothing that can be done about it. If you really want confirmation call Detective Bramwell at Stetson Hills Police Department.

And to the people who keep sticking up for her... she may have been a good person to you, but it does not change the fact that she screwed a ton of people over. I am sorry she was going through a hard time.... but it has been one *** of a nightmare losing $2500 with no hope of getting it back.

I worked really hard to save that money and I am not rich.

In addition to that I work with cancer patients on a daily basis.

Not one of them has resorted to stealing people's money to help solve their problems. Lisa was obviously not the person you thought she was.


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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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