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after the first 300 miles the engine blew apart they sent me another engine. and it's a good thing we took it apart looked at the first off the pushrods was bent all but one. the whole thing need to be rebuilt so if I don't know if this new company bought out them and still using the same people. but my suggestion is there a bunch of Thieves and Liars. they put 300 horsepower. injectors in the motor that was supposed to be a 525 on the n14 Cummins. and that's when it was Blake benefactors hopefully they change the company.
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Bad quality
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Turns out your research is inaccurate. I looked into this and called Capital Reman Exchange last week. Mr. Bendever isn't employed with the company. He was there in a consulting capacity for two months and as of April he is no longer with this company nor is his spouse Lilie. Lilie was listed as one of the initial 3 owners but the current owners of the company are Brian Byrne and Brain Pfister. I would urge you to contact them yourself for a more accurate portrayal of this company. It doesn't seem fair to throw stones at people by doing half hearted research. Additionally I contacted Mr. Bendever as well. Blake's Remanufacturing was in business for over 40 years. They had tens of thousands of satisfied customers over that time frame. And yes Mr. Bendever did say that due to operational turmoil and a lack of proper financing the last 3 years were very diificult. And they did have issues during that time with on time delivery and quality which ultimately led to the demise of the company. Losing a 40 year old company seems like a steep and costly price to pay and as Mr. Bendever stated to me for all the rights the company did for 39 years the last 3 years nullified it all. "It cost our family and employees the company and rightfully so.
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Dan Bendever is just a thief. I know because I was burnt on a engine rebuild. I recommend to whomever might cross paths with Dan to do business, I say to you BE CAREFULL!!!

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'...a guy( or girl) walks into a store, buys a juice-machine from Lemons-Are-Us and finds it doesn't work right. L.A.U.

has no known bad record as a manufacturer as far as guy/girl is aware. G/G also knowns nothing about machines so wouldn't know a good juicer from a bad juicer. Turns out G/G gets burned by purchasing the L.A.U. machine.' -end of story...

So, as dude states about how other dude '...shouldn't have gone and done business with Blake's /Capital Reman...' Really?

As Everyone is blabbing (and I don't care if it's flakes or Capital or whatever) about how this or that shoulda woulda coulda,

MF gots a business, ought to be doing the job the are hired to do - ain't no news people do a *** job.

Screw others every day.

I am trying to find a rebuilder, not a mechanic, and don't give a d--- how nice a guy or how long the shop has done right or jacked people. I need a job done. I walk into a shop and get burned.

Am I to blame?

Rather, is that MY fault? YES, for having luck that put me in the space of a chump-show. OH Well. FACT REMAINS, ...CHUMP SHOW SERVES WHAT KIND OF SERVICE?

And THAT is BAD business - WhatEver the EXCUSE. Lesson(s) (w/ luck) Thanks for steering me directly to Cummins to pay the extra $11K for a reman engine.

I'll save that back in reduced stress. Ciao



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Blakes reman engine remanufacturing will rob you

Blakes reman in denver colorado will take your money and not deliver at all. Ordered and paid in full for engine in july was promised 12 to 14 day turn around. After a month of waiting I would call and get the run around that they are working on it, after persistant calls they would just put me to voice mail and have never returned my calls once.Asked them after 2 months to return my funds through email and certified letters and they refuse, almost 6 months later still no refund or engine, DO NOT PAY THEM, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.
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This is crazy. Blake's has been out of business for two years now.

I was a vendor of Blake's for 30 plus years. When Blake's went out of business they owed us exactly $21,231. It was never personal with us. This is business.

Dan Bendever is a good person and for 19 1/2 of the 20 years I dealt with him paid his bills. Businesses try as they might can't predict the future. Blake's ran into a hard time and couldn't overcome. None of this makes someone a bad person it's business.

We are a small business and don't like to lose money any more than the commenter below. But my goodness it's business pure and simple. It hurt us as well but we stayed positive and persevered. And I for one wouldn't hesitate to set Dan up as a vendor tomorrow.

I'll take the track record of a company that was in business for 44 years all day long. Nothing the former employees wrote about Dan being a good and decent human being surprises me at all.


I just stumbled upon this and I was an employee at Blake's Reman as well. Dan Bendever gave me an opportunity to work 5 years ago when everyone else was turning their back on me.

He worked with correctional re-entry programs and over 20 years gave people 2nd chances that others weren't willing to give. Dan Bendever took in the homeless and let them sweep up and get paid so they had food and shelter over the years. He gave back to youth sports programs and helped the community substantially over the course of time. As people have wrote the last 2-3 years were difficult and because of it he wasn't able to help financially in the community.

But I can tell you the same as the commentator below we never quit trying and fought to the bitter end in hopes of turning things around.

I know Dan was both embarrassed and humbled by having to turn the keys over to the bank. And as below my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

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To March 5,Feb 25, still no excuse for building people engines and shipping them with broken and incorrect parts. Where was the QC.

As the owner of a small business myself. I stand behind any mistake me or my people may make and rectify it for the customer at any cost even if the customer wants a refund that is what a honest owner does, which we know Dan is not. Here are you people saying Dan lost this, Dan lost that, I had to borrow the money from the bank that he screwed me out of. The bank doesn't care about poor Dan no there coming after me and I don't have a engine that works to make that money back what am I supposed to do.

Now I have to figure out how come up with another engine if I can. Maybe Dan should go borrow some money and refund all these junk engines he has out there. But no the guy goes and opens another outfit in Florida and still advertises with pictures he used at Blake's so he's still selling junk.

So why doesn't everybody that has not been ripped off by Dan quit making excuses for the crook.

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Sir more people go out of business than stay in business every day. This was a company that was in business for 44 years and helped thousands of people.

What your reading here are facts not excuses. Dan didn't open up an outfit (you make it sound like he has huge company with machinery and employees) in Florida. He's reselling parts.

But your right Dan made a few mistakes maybe he should put a bullet in his head and quit trying to take care of his family. No other company in world has ever had the unfortunate situation of filing for bankruptcy.

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You are correct, Dan did not open up a business in Sarasota, FL. His wife did.

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Wow it's literally been two years since Blake's has closed. God has blessed the 3/12 commenter with a business that has continued on in spite of an unfortunate obstacle.

Good luck sir and may God continue to bless you and your family for many years. And may God Bless Dan and his family as well.

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Seems like this person is angry at the United States Of America and the laws of this great nation. More businesses fail than succeed every single day.

Everyone that ventures into business including banks understand the risk involved. You say you lost 17,000. Imagine vendors left with a million dollars in debt when a large company like United airlines files for bankruptcy. Sir between 2011-****, 6 million businesses and non businesses were forced to file for bankruptcy.

That's right over 6,000,000 in 4 years. They had to leave vendors unpaid, customers were left with work not completed and warranty's unfullfiled. That is called life in the USA. It's capitalism Sir, some fail some succeed.

But everyone shares the same risk. Do business or don't. God bless you and the United States of America! I love this country and all that it stands for.

And yes it is that simple. Hurt or no hurt, pain or no pain. It sucks to be hurt and feel pain but it happens to others, not just you. I unlike the other commentator have lost money doing business.

More than the 17k you lost. I call it doing business. I'm not angry I just understand business and life. You go on feeling sorry for yourself and blaming others.

If that helps make you feel better more power to you. Common business sense tells me that if your still in business 2 years after they went out of business you must be ok.

Maybe not perfect but just ok. Count your blessings cause theirs 6 million people that aren't ok.


I can shed a little light on this as well. I worked in at a inside position at Blake's.

I was there for the good times and bad. What you won't read here is how Dan took what was left of his retirement/401K and used it to make payroll. And how he sold personal assets to pay vendors so we could try and finish the jobs we had in house at the darkest time. Until now there are only 3 people aware of this.

That would be Dan, his wife and myself. The company wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination the last 3 years and or shortly after Dan got taken for the 175K during a failed and horrible partnership. But I was there and I can promise you it wasn't due to a lack of effort. We had operational issues caused by a lack of Capital and personal.

We were trying to do the work of 40 with 20 at the end and we never stopped trying until the Bank came in and took the keys away from Dan. It wasn't anyone's intention to hurt or be hurt.

And as with the Feb. 24th commenter my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

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Out of curiosity - who was the "bad" partner that resulted in the 175K loss?

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This happened in 2010. It's 2016 now.

And I'm certainly not leaving names on this forum or any other. It doesn't help anyone.

We acknowledged that Blake's made a mistake and got into a bad partnership. No need for name calling here or calling out names.

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