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blair did the same scam on me-i never ordered the vip plan. i sent back all items ordered -they canceled my account-i got the vip charges removed. customer service said i owed nothind-but i get about 12 calls a day from cominity bank. they now have late fees up to 96.oo dollars on this account. they are crooks and scammers. i am on disiabilty and cannot pay for false charges. or i should say willnot. i sent back last package with my own...
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I did not agree to this.Iv'e asked for a refund. How can we get response ??? The credit card where they took the $14.95 from I no longer use so didn't even realise it was happening Can the BBB help with this ???????? I give my phone number but get no response.I ask for them to send the refund to me but nothing .What can I do to get ahold of a person.As of now I will never order another thing from them again and tell my friends and family not to...
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I didn't like
  • Vip program
  • Responce
I just got hit by Blair VIP PLus on the auto enroll. I had ordered one item in December of 2015 and just noticed that for the last 2 billings cycles, a $14.97 charge has shown up. Missed catching the first one. The good news is that when we called Blair at their 1-888-2887708 number, they cancelled the VIP auto enroll and (only we specifically asked) offered to credit the last 2 monthly charges back to our account. BUT, you can be sure...
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I liked
  • Customer service offer to credit account
I didn't like
  • Auto enroll feature that was not asked for

Blair Vip Plus Loyalty Program Membership Review

I am the victum of the Blair Vip scam. I never signed to have $14.97 taken out of my checking. They scsmed me for over $200.00. I may thought i was just getting a discount on clothes. I demsn demanded my money back. This scam amounts to stealing.
If you decide not to continue your membership after your 30-day trial, simply log onto or call 888-288-7708 to cancel. Of course, there’s no obligation to continue. You can cancel at any time if you’re not completely satisfied, and there will be no future charges. For more information, please see our Terms of Use at" To be reminded of something, I would have had to have been told in the first place. I did not...
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Anonymous Total scam! Same thing happened to me when I ordered some clothes for my Mom.


rollo2016 Auto billing after a "trial" period or from receipt of "samples" is now common with many, many companies. Is it a scam? Yes, in a way as they rely on people not taking the tim...