map-marker Clinton, Mississippi

Bizzy Bags and Gifts - Prize Review from Clinton, Mississippi

I won a prize from her an asked about it an she said it was shipped an I never got it an I messaged her a lot of times about it an all she kept saying was it was shipped an you should of got it I have all the messages to prove it an when we moved I still haven't gotten it an I gave her my new address an still to this day never gotten my prize bag.. I'm so glad I didn't order a diaper bag are anything from her

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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery
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map-marker Fort Meade, Florida

Online Order Review

Purchased something and have never got it filed a case

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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery
map-marker Florence, South Carolina

Bracelet Review

I purchased a bracelet and have never received it! I will most likely be seeking legal action because she has either taken down her Facebook page or blocked me!


I also was chosen as a winner for one of her daily give-aways! Her business needs to be banned from Facebook!

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map-marker Holgate, Ohio

Purchased bag and never received product

On July 11th, I purchased a purse with monogram and paid via paypal. After one month had passed, I started researching this company and saw a lot of customers not receiving products.

I also learned that you only have 45 days on paypal to file a complaint. I sent them an e-mail requesting approximate delivery date and did not receive a response. Since I felt I was on a time crunch, I went ahead and filed a complaint on paypal. She replied that she had a family emergency and that was the reason for delay and my purse was ready but she would not ship it as long as there was a complaint filed with paypal.

My fear was that if I lifted my complaint, my time would pass and I still would not have my item. I ended up following through on the complaint procedure with paypal and got a refund. There was no way, after reading what has happened to others, that I was going to lift my complaint and me trust that she was actually going to send me my product.

Also, I don't appreciate this company holding my item hostage after I had already paid for it. I feel fortunate to have found out in time what steps to take to get my money back before it was too late.

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map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Poor Service Review

Well she got me I didn't lose any money thank god I won back in may never got the item I asked her today if ut was shipped she blocked me and reported me to fb idk she reported me she was the one nasty with me.she needs to be shut down.

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Bizzy Bags and Gifts - Tracking Number Review from Bakersfield, California

I placed an order with Bizzy Bags on My 15th. After many promises that my order was ready and I should be receiving a tracking number in my email, I finally realized that she had no intention of fulfilling my order.She blocked me from her page so I couldn't post anything negative about het.

I did a Google search of her business and was appalled by all the bad complaints and the people she had ripped off.

I have learned a hard lesson. I will never so openly trust an online business again.

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map-marker Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Susan Hale has continued to scam, cheat, and lie for the last 3 years.

Susan Hale, DBA BIZZY Bags and Gifts, Brokmom, and Hales's Leather. Has taken 2 1/2 years to ship me $1500 worth of merchandise out of the $1800 she owed me.

She still owes $300 worth and refuses to ship the rest. I have documented proof, bank statements, emails and PM's from her where she admits owing me, promises of delivery and then statements declaring her intention of NOT sending the remaining items because I asked her for shipping information while she was sick. She has ridiculed me, called me names, posted to others that I am an alcoholic and defamed me in any way possible, none of which is true.

She now has my money, has my merchandise and has blocked me from any and all communication. I would like my merchandise but if that is too difficult for her, a reimbursement of $300 will be acceptable.

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She is psycho. She must be bi-polar because she changes her personalities as often as most change their underwear.

Buyer beware!!!!

She can be your best friend one day and lie and cheat you the next!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS THIEF!!!!!!

Gittel Bzf
map-marker Amarillo, Texas

Never received items paid for

The beginning of October I purchased items from Bizzy bags and gifts. By the end of December I was still waiting.

I sent Susan Hale messages and emails. When she thought I was getting upset she finally responded. She refunded me $9.00. She said she would send a check on dec.21st for balance owed.

I never got it. Please don't fall for her tricks. Be Warned.

Today I kept sending messages and I was ignored. When she was playing one of her games I joined in and then I cancelled the item.

Oh my, did she get upset. She blocked me from her auctions and told everyone I wss a moody person. Im not moody.

Im very, very upset. I work very hard for my money.

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I'm sorry this has happened to you. A few of us have been trying to alert people of her practices.

Please contact the better business bureau and your attorney general.

Also to PayPal. We need to stop this ***.


Same thing is happening to me she said she stole my photos and was going to post them which is illegal,we might press charges

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Amiaya Uyh
map-marker Hartselle, Alabama

Susan Hale dba Brokmom/Bizzy Bags and Gifts is a THIEF!

I ordered 3 bags that were never delivered. The first bag I ordered was $10.00, ordered on August 10th, 2012, Invoice #1100 from Susan Hale.

I paid for the bag using Paypal. I also ordered two peace sign bags on August 25th, Invoice #1380 for $20.00. This order was paid on September 13th using Paypal. On October 1st, I sent her a Facebook message asking the status of my bags because I hadn't received them yet.

She responded the same day, advising me the bags were ready to be shipped out. I never received my items so in the middle of November I spoke with her over her online chat on, which has since been discontinued. During this chat, she advised me that my bags had been shipped and that she would email me the tracking number. I never recieved those tracking numbers.

On November 24th, I sent her a facebook message and an email advising her I hadn't received the tracking numbers. She responded to my facebook message the same day, saying she would check on that for me. She never responded. On November 26th, I sent her another facebook message telling her that I had not received the tracking numbers yet.

On November 29th, I sent another message on facebook and via email advising her I hadn't seen any tracking numbers or the bags I had ordered. On December 1st, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Northern Alabama, case # 3102****. She responded on December 6th, stating she would give me a full refund. I accpeted this response on December 11th.

On December 12th the case was closed. I reopened the complaint on December 20th because I had not received my refund. On December 30th, I sent her another facebook message asking again for my refund. No response.

On January 2nd, I sent another refund request through a facebook message and I sent another message to the BBB, telling them that I still had not received my refund. I also filed a dispute with Paypal, but since it was more than 45 days since purchase, there was nothing they could do. January 3rd and 4th, sent another request on facebook. I also sent another email on January 4th.

Not of these messages were ever responded too. Sent another request through facebook on January 6th. On January 7th, I sent another statement to the BBB stating I still had not received my refund. I was so frustrated that I finally posted my experience with her on a facebook page called "Issues with Brokmom".

What do you know, later that day, January 21st, I got an email from her saying that she had asked the BBB to reopen the case so she could refund me. I responded to the email on January 22nd, asking when the refund would be processed. She responded that she would refund me as soon as I unliked the Issues with Brokmom page and deleted my comment. I did because I've been trying to get my refund for so long.

I responded back that it had been done. No refund. On the 23rd I asked her once again when the refund would be processed. She responded right away saying again that it would be that day.

No refund. I emailed her again on January 24th and January 26th. No response. Today, February 7th, I sent a facebook message, again asking for a refund.

I also called Paypal to see if there was anything I can do. They advised me to file a claim on I have done that also. I contacted the BBB again and told them I still have no refund.

She did not respond to them either and the case was closed as "The business failed to resolve the complaint issues". The complaint was closed on March 22nd.

It is now April 21st and I still have no refund and she has still ignored every form of contact. She is now operating at

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This is an issue that I have also been dealing with for the past 6 months. I placed several orders and never received them.

I was told numerous times that the items had shipped.

I was also told I would received a refund. This lady is a crook!!!


Same situation with me, I'm fed up...she is a liar! :(


The same thing has happened to my mom. This place is a scam.

I have warned my friends not to order from them.

They always have an excuse. Poor customer service!!


I do not know if you ladies will see my comment here but My name is Sarah Traphagan and I have also had the same thing happen to me and many of my friends. So I filled a petition yesterday On August 13th 2013 And if you do see this please go and sign the petition and Share it will all of your friends.

She is saying that we are all idiots and there is nothing that we can do to change the situation. So Please if you see this go sign that petition I am trying to get her removed from FB.


Placed an order and paid for it thru Paypal. Made several attempts to get tracking information.

She keeps saying she will send it and the bag has shipped.

I have never received my item or any tracking info. I have contacted Paypal.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-644217

She did the same thing to me! Keeps saying its shipped, but never has a tracking # & I have not gotten anything!

Now she blocks my comments & won't respond to emails or messages. Thief!!!!

Any ideas on who I can report her to? She is horrible!!

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map-marker Columbus, Ohio

Facebook business scam

Purchased an item and paid for it from Bizzy Bags and Gifts. I have asked about the item several times just to be told it has been shipped.

I have not received it. I asked her for shipping information, she said she would email it, she hasn't. I have noticed other people asking where their orders are in Facebook and now she has blocked me from asking on Facebook. This has been going on now for 3 weeks and she keeps putting me off.

I have reported her to the BBB. I have the emails

Her name is Susan Hale

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