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I bought a Bissell preheat Revolution carpet cleaner last year. The end of the first time I used it the roasting brush stopped turning. They did send me a replacement. I used the replacement once last fall on an area rug. Got it out last week and attempted to use it. Gee, guess what .... The tank leaked and the rotator brush quit turning again. Because I am out of my 90 day window I'm stuck with this piece of *** that will be going to the...
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I didn't like
  • Quality of either machine
Bought this vacuum about 4 months ago.I clean it every time I use it. Today I vacuumed my rug and then was using the handtool to vacuum my chair and smelled smoke. I turned around and there was smoke coming from under the vacuum and was melting my rug. I am furious as now my very expensive rug is ruined and my new piece of junk vacuum cleaner is not usable. I didn't get custody of my Dyson in the divorce and was forced to buy this piece of...
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