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I don't know how they got my email address but I keep getting junk mail by a person named chris (not sure if chris is a guy or girl)advertising different services from other companies. I am not interested in junk mail from anybody and now from reading all the complaints about bisexual playground I won't join either. I traced their headers from their emails to me from my gmail and found their ip address and where all the junk mail is coming from... Read more

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They don't care to address any issues that non- premium members have, of course this is because they only give them a month "free" trial membership and after that you must upgrade to a paid membership or say goodbye to the site. They have multiple chat room available, but during the trial membership you are only allowed access to the 'lobby'. After finding out about these restrictions, I went to cancel my membership and got an error msg. stating... Read more

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I learned my lesson the hard way. I was at such a low point, I searched out for what I thought were friendly people. I was wrong. I was used for thousands of dollars, met people who thought were friends. Its not on them its on me, I was gullible. Not once did myself or my husband *** with anyone but we thought we had friends. We spent thousands.. OUR fault. This website plays on lonely people. The owners are less than reputable. Use their Mods... Read more

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mods and asst tell you its best to upgrade so we did and wasnt shortly after we did upgrade from free to paid member and put in a complaint about some of their members abusing the chat they basically restricted us to the home page we were not able to use what we paid for they wouldnt return any emails or anything so be ware of these low life *** sucking pigs. its more geared towards the dirty old man types anyways they just their to perv . dont... Read more

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I have been a member of bisexual playground for a while. I have not met anyone yet, but I have experienced the tag team bullying as expressed in other complaints. I also experienced the lack of moderation from the moderators as expressed in other complaints. It added to my complaint status as in other complaints. They tried to convince me that trying to make a joke out of a bully first before the whole room thought it was a joke and to save... Read more

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OK.... first of all let me state... that I enjoy the site. My only wish is that everyone would leave the past as the past and move on with their lives and leave others alone.... Now let ME straighten out these facts....Firstly, it was on Thursday and in the lobby when he told me he was in my town for a "reunion of sorts". Secondly, there were in fact, emails and ims off and on for over the past year off of the site....Thirdly, I'm more... Read more

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I SIGNED UP TO "BISEXUAL PLAYGROUND" WEBSITE YESTERDAY AS A MEMBER. Today i loged on and was greeted by this message,membership disabled. theft of services,duplicate account.upload to a paid membership. avoid theft of services penalties.I was on this site a few months ago. my new user-name was of by 1 number.why didn't the website resolve this when i signed on at the time yesterday? as opposed to turning me in to a criminal today,then pressuring... Read more

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once your a member of that site they have someway to *** your computer , I was a member of bisexual . when I made a complaint agiast a member name brandon . they slandered me on my own profile , what they did it , they made it where everyone eles cant see it on my profile and it would not show up when I would view my own profile , that went on for a few months till someone told me what was going on . in that time I was being... Read more

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