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I went up to the BIG O TIRES ROLLA MO talk to the associate Jeremy about getting some replacement center caps for my wheels he was exceptionally nice I asked him if he could order and replace the center caps for me for my monster1 XD wheels and he did I got 4 replacement I got a phone call from Jeremy about a week later saying that they are in went up the next day to pick them up and put them on my wheels 3 out of 4 was bad The chrome wrinkle...
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I didn't like
  • Upsetting
Big O TIres fixed my car after an car accident and after 4 months I started having problems with my car and returned it back to Big O Tires. They couldn't do yje work on my car and aend me to anotjer shop close by and they asked me who was tjey last shop workinh on my car. I inform them it was Big O Tires and the man called Big O Tires. He then inform me that this should have be replaced when Big O Tires worked on my car and now its worse and...
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Turns out, I had a good gash on the side wall of my rear passenger tire. I made it to 1st tire place(Fletchers), but they had just closed and informed me they could not turn on the air hose equipment. They did, however, put a lot of air into my tire (with the airhose that they said couldnt be turned back on,) so I could make it to Big O Tire. It was 5:58 and Big O closes at 6pm. I called them to explain a gashed sidewall rapidly losing...
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Big O Tires Car Part Replacement Review

Long list of repairs needed, all of which were fixed by another honest mechanic who replaced an injector on number four cylinder. They had my son convinced he needed a replacement engine ! Never ever go to columbia mo business loop location. Then repeatedly try to convince me i had the whole thing wrong, customer service was irritating and terrible
It's easy to get good ratings when there are no issues, however when we purchased tires for my wife's Nissan van the sales person was very helpful. He sold us the best tire Big O had to offer with their best warranty (65 K miles). We spent just under $800.00 for all 4 tires. 1 year later my wife took the car into Big O as it was shaking so bad we lost our hub caps. She was told that all 4 tires needed to be replaced. Turns out that...
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