Purchased stratounger comfort view with motion headrest today & received delivery today,& the electric headrest motion feature does not work it is powered because the vibrating massage feature works,big lots stated they will swap it out when they receive the next shipment,which is fine as long as they do as they say,but I'm trying to locate the manufacturer of the stratolounger to talk to them,because I did not receive no owners manuals except...
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Christopher1795 Looking for contact with the manufacturer of the stratolounger comfort view recliner with power motion head rest! It was delivered & only massage feature works& I only purchas...

I bought in November 2016 for alost $600 and in just 3 months there are rips and tears all over and the Integrity is gone. This has to be one of the most worst purchases I ever made in my life. I think I'm going to need to take for their actions cuz this is ***. And I could go on and on and on with the sofa with pictures *** despicable
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If you want sub-par quality items, then this is the store for you. Words to describe their merchandise: cheap, stale, bug-infested, dented, rusty, poor, flimsy to name a few. I can't say how many times I've bought headphones from them and in months they break. I've even bought a measuring cup from them and in a few months the handle broke. No ...I'm not heavy handed and I take good care of my belongings, their products are just cheap. That goes...
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offconsumerpissed You seem pleasant.

I didn't like
  • Environment
  • Low hours
  • Management

Short Review for October 20, 2016, Other

If they only new what goes on.if they would work it for a week they would know how people are treat people the way you want to be treated.they dont care if they lose there good people.some manger let it go to there head.they can treat them any way they want too and nothing said.having favorites too.

Gazebo Review

I bought the sonoma gazebo for $450 and it isnt wrth it. It leaks even in the lightest shower. Not just in the seams, all the top leaks. The curtains dont slide when netting is up. I am so disappointed. I didnt get it put up within the 30 days for returns. So i have something that doesnt work for me.

Sunjoy Industries Gazebo Review

Bought a gazebo on april 16 hard as heck. To put together pieces werent fitting yhen finally got it up and 1 week later it rained and canopy ripped and frame bent for 400 dollats now fitting with all to replace it the district mansger said it should be taken down eery day

Big Lots Staff Review

In Burlington Iowa the workers are great!! Especially the cashiers one that is short and black hair the furniture guy Shawn is also great they should both get a raise! Store was also clean good job!
My husband & I bought a Serta mattress at he Big Lots in Franklin, NC store. It is a Serta, Medium comfort. After 5-6 weeks I am laying in a hole in the middle with the side up like wings. I am a 74 yr old female, 120 llbs. This should not be...Do not make us pay to redeliver this mattress or be overly charge to get the correct one replaced..... Sincerely, A Unhappy Customer Mark & Janet Laing 251 Wheat Field Rd. Franklin, NC 28734 I will go on...
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As always I began my xmas shopping here. I spent 5 hours there yesterday. I shopped for twins at 9 months old up to my 73 year old husband. (for more than 30 people) I cant express enough that Nancy & Alana were so helpful answering all my questions, finding things for me etc. Once I would fill a basket Nancy would take it and bring another. I filled 4 carriages and Nancy walked me through many items. She got ladders to reach some things for me....
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I liked
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one day I had ran into biglots#4105 on west ln in Stockton ca and I was looking for a certain item in furniture and a person by the name of Francine or Francis can and asked what I needed she didn't say can I help you she said what you need at first that seemed somewhat rude but I didn't see anyone else around so I asked her my question well as I was explaining to her she keept cutting me off like she knew what I was going to say before I said...
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I purchased a sofa from them less than a year ago for $400.00. And the sofa cushion ia already suckes in called to dind out if they can fix it or replace it and guess what they cannot do either... the crazy thing is before i purchaed the sofa from them i had already had a living room set ingood condition from aahleys furniture for 8yrs and had no problem but i wanted a new sofa went to biglots and it didnt last a full year. BEWARE DO NOT...
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Walked into Big Lots and the store was a mess, boxes in aisle couldn't get down at least 3 of them. Store was dirty. Carts filled with item left all over the place. No one working on the floor to help! Saw a child climbing a ladder of theirs that had not been chained. Will not go back!
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I have been a Big Lots shopper for over 20 years, but they have gotten to be too pushy on asking for donations. For the last 10 visits I have donated 1.00. I wish I had more. The last time I was in the store they asked for another donation and I told them that I was unable to do so. The store manager made me feel like that I was the worst person on this planet. This store is located in Pasadena, The employees are helpful but they are...
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This is Probly my Daughters second JOB!! She had been at this Store for about a YEAR when all of the sudden Her and Another Employee Got one of those Big Rubber Balls and started Horseplaying with eachother and what Happens my Daughter Doesnt get a slap on the wrist they TERMINATE her Corprate Does.Seriously Is this what it comes too.Now what other Employee Reported this to get points in her pocket to move up the later???? This is something else...
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