Poor customer service at Big Dog stores

I have been buying Big Dog shirts for 30 years. Over the years their prices have gone down with a corresponding lowering of quality. I have lived with that but the last straw was their abominable customer service. I bought a new shirt and the first time I washed it, ti came out splotchy. Thinking I messed up, I bought another one. It came out splotchy after the first wash also. I called the store and they said they would replace them . I also explained that I lived 100 miles away and it would a long time before I went back and again they said no problem. Today I went back, after 3 years, with the new shirts The store and then their customer service said 3 years was too long and they could not find my purchases in their system. Perhaps 3 years is a long time but I have been a good customer for 30 years. They have poor customer service commensurate with their decaying quality. Do not buy from them. .
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund