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Big D Transmission & Auto Service

PLEASE DON'T GO HERE!!!!!!!! I took my car on 11/30/11 to be fixed because it would not shift gears and making a noise.Rich told me I needed to rebuild the transmission.Rich said, I needed to put new parts in but I could not have a copy of the paper with the parts on it because it would not be covered under the WARRANTY!!!!Rich also told me not to take my car to anyone else because the WARRANT would be cancelled.I picked up my car on 12/5/11 drove it to work and the check engine light came on and the car wouldn't go over 35 miles per hour. I called Rich and he ,bring it back in the morning.I took the car back 12/7/11,Rich said, it was a default in the new party they put in.They put it on the machine and it said, it was the Solenoid Pack was BAD,so they replaced it!!!!! I was on my way to work after I picked up my car that day and the same thing happened again I couldn't go over 30 miles per hour.I called Rich he said, they would come tow it from my house and he did but I told him I was not paying for that!!!!!Rich said, that they fired the guy working on my car because he didn't drive it long enough.So, I picked up my car again on 12/9/11 for the 3 time and he said, everything was GOOD and I shouldn't have a problem anymore!!!!RIGHT!!!!!!Well on 12/11/11 coming home from the store my car did the same thing again!!!!!!!!I paid $2000.00 for this so it should be working NOW so what's WRONG with this PICTURE!!!!!!! Rich told me yesterday the car would be ready not!!!!! He said, they needed to order new parts again and rebuild the transmission over again!!!!!!Rich told me yesterday I had electrical and computer problems!!!! So,way is they coming up now!!! I will check now with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU from now on!!!!!!! I'm talking with a LAWYER!!!! We should all get together to do something about this so it want happen to anyone else!!!!! Virginia
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Sorry to hear this and we had a similar problem and we paid no one other than court costs in Garland twice to get a writ of execution and a judge and constable to have them first fix the transmission right and then pay for parts and damage they did to my car. It has been painful and then their lawyer called us and I am laughing now waiting for the check to come from the court. Big D lost with us.

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Dallas, Texas
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Big D Transmission(Garland RD/Garland TX)

Please do not go to this place!! I was desperate and my car died on me so this guy promised free towing and a payment plan for my budget. So I thought this would be great. I could pay on it weekly and have my car at the same time with just giving my clear title to them Well he calls and tells me it will be 2688 dollars to fix. Mind you this is a 98 Ford Contour which is only worth about 500 dollars. So I told him "that's like buying a new car. He said Yea. So he gives me this # to a place called Money to Go which by Rich's terms, gives out lots of money and will work out a plan for you. So I am thinking GOOD!! This guy gives out lots of money so I should be good. WRONG!!! The guy asked if I had a job the year and make and model of the car. Any additional income besides my job and the mileage on the car. He told me he would call me back with the bad news that he could only get me 500 dollars. That sure is lots of money(by Rich's terms) SO WHAT I WILL DO is tell them he can have the car and I will just get me something else. I dont even think I needed all thE WORK that they did on the car. I think I only needed a water pump but they went ahead and re-built the engine, said I needed a new radiator(which was fine) but I think he took advantage of me for being a woman. Please dont fall for the scam of the so called "Payment Plan" And just make sure you know what's wrong with your car before you take it to a place like that. I think they are full of s*it!!!
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I'm going to court with them this Friday!!!!!


File your complaint on


I have went through the same thing and my is still screwed up the transmission is jerking. Has anybody sued these guys and won.

They need to be stopped.they are straight up crooks.

I lost $2,185 dollars. Rich is biggest lying crook.


I did...I sued their lying *** and won...Rich and Frank are both liars and I think its funny as *** they are no longer in business!


Sounds like this candy is mad at the world and is willing to bash anybody if she doesn't get her way, I was upset for not qualifying for financial assistance, but that had nothing to do with what was wrong with my vehicle, as I always say "it is what it is", this people showed me exactly what was wrong with my vehicle and the cost to repair it, and gave me a chance to pay it out in affordable payments with no added financing charges, however, the only negative is that my vehicle had to stay there till it was paid in full, But got it fixed and back on the road. So I am thankful that they were able to work with me and get my car fixed, so again thanks


owners cell number is 214-803-****


Our '98 Jimmy stalled and locked up. Had it towed to the Firestone close to my house. They suspected it to be a transmission issue and bowed out of the repair at no charge. I called several transmission places and Rich at Big D seemed the most convincing with his free tow/analysis and $888.00 price. Slick salesman! After they analyzed the car, came up with nothing wrong with the transmission but the engine had locked up. They offered to put a low mileage replacement motor in for $1,850. I was stuck so I agreed $1,850 instead of $888. Rich called and said car was running great but the ball joints were grinding and needed to be replaced. Another $800. I was at their mercy now after sinking $1,850 into it. So I reluctantly (and stupidly agreed). Several days later, supposedly all was repaired. I live 60 miles away and had no convenient way to get there. Sent a tow truck to bring it home ($90 ).

The engine stalled every time I tried to accelerate from a stopped position. The transmission (which Rich claimed was not a problem) was not shifting unless I let off the gas. The "check engine" light was on. I had to tow it back up there at my expense. Michael the mechanic ran a diagnostic check and found 7 things that should have been taken care of.

He reached over and lifted the distributor cap up. They had broken it when tightening the bolts. I left it with them again thinking they now knew what to fix. Wrong again. Rich said it was good to go. I asked him to drive it to be sure it wouldn't stall and the transmission would shift properly and call me. A week later he calls to find out when I was coming after it. I asked if he had driven it. He "forgot" to. Next day he calls saying it was ready. I get up there and drive it off the lot and nothing had been done except replace the distributor cap. It still stalled, check engine light was still on, transmission not shifting correctly and front end shimmied from replacing the ball joints. I called Monday expressing my frustration to someone other than Rich ( I was told he had been fired). Someone was supposed to call me back immediately.

No call. I called back today and Rich is answering the phone. Rather than volunteer to take care of this irate customer, he was now willing to rebuild the transmission and charge me for it when that was the original

reason I took to them from the beginning.

There is no honesty, integrity, desire to take care of customers. There is plenty of deceit, deception, lying and runaround at this place.

I asked Rich who the owner was. He said it was a corporation with 3 board members but no owner. I ask for their names. He didn't know.

Truth be told, Rich was lying. Owners name is Daniel Garcia. I am trying to find out how to contact him. I will be contacting an attorney. I am out $3,000 and no satisfactory car repair!

I would not send my worst enemy to this rip off joint but I intend to get satisfaction. Maybe class action is in order.


Daniel Garcia is a thief, plain and simple! Even if he quotes you a price, good luck on getting it fixed for that amount!

He really seems to pander to Mexicans. I'm certainly not racist, but I think a black man's money is as good as a Mexicans.

I will never give this crook another dime!



She is totally right! They told me the my car in there...told me about MoneyToGo...they wanted $560 a month for 6 months to pay back a $1600.00 loan...I said no thank you...I went to pick up my car and they had already fixed it without my authorization.

They would never answer me on who told the mechanic to fix it after I told them not to. So if you dont want to lose your car do not go to Big D...Rich and Frank and a bunch of crooks and so is MoneyToGo

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