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| map-marker Miami, Florida

Need help with hostage movers

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Help! Movers are holding all my personal property and belongings hostage for three times the amount agreed in the prior contract.

They have been threatening to dispose of my property since March 16th. These guys promised two trucks and four workers for an eight-hour move, but instead, they only supplied one truck and two workers. Four and a half hours into the job, the second truck was there for an hour and a half. The movers claim I misled them about the amount of stuff, but I was truthful and upfront about the number of rooms, the number of people, and the large pieces of furniture.

The veteran movers, who arrived first, could have alerted them that there was more stuff, but instead, all day long, I kept calling the office begging for that second truck. Because they only had one truck, it took twice as long, and they are charging me three times the amount agreed upon. Other estimates matched up with prior moves in the last few years, and this one is three times larger than any of those. I need help.

I have contacted local authorities who said it was a civil matter.

I have also contacted the state Attorney General who doesn't want to get involved. There's been a very lazy response from the Department of Licensing, and rude responses from the movers. I offered them the amount it would have cost had they had two trucks there, as contracted.

But now they threaten to dispose of irreplaceable, valuable lifetime belongings and are not negotiating. I can't seem to get any help bringing them to the table.

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  • Deceptive practices larceny hostage blackmailers

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David R Xrh

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| map-marker Tampa, Florida

BIG BOYZ MOVING COMPANY has failed to execute contract for move March 16th, 2024, then, has stolen my personal belongings and property holding it hostage for over 2 times agreed amount

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BIG BOYZ MOVING COMPANY has failed to execute contract for move March 16th, 2024, then, rather than negotiate differences due to their failures has stolen my personal belongings and property holding it hostage for over 2 times agreed amount and sadly continues to misrepresent, fabricate AND BULLY MY FAMILY. I am including actual documents in support.

Still, it is my intention that this can be resolved amicably with help of authorities mediating a reasonable outcome.

I did offer/ propose more than the estimate. And more than what the cost would have been had they actually done what they committed to in pre-move document. I answered the form questionnaire provided in full, answered questions on phone in two conversations with their office representative, Shelby, answered the questions they had on their survey. I volunteered extra information.

The movers all saw how much personal property and belongings was there upon arrival. And the second truck would have seen, as well if had they arrived anywhere near on time instead of more than 8 hours later.


In advance, I requested 6 bids or estimates from various moving companies. I got 3 responses in writing - they are attached and all within the same range between 1500 and 1800 dollars for the move. Movers were all given the same details and were going to all agreeably accomplish in 6 to 8 hours.

These estimates were also in line with previous moves made in the last five years. The big difference with BIG BOYS MOVING & STORAGE is that they were going to use 2 trucks for the majority of the time period which would speed up or cut in half the amount of time it would take to move. That is why I went with them.

In the original agreement, BIG BOYS MOVING agreed to getting one truck there for 2 hours and then 2 trucks until the remainder of the move. Had been accomplished/ executed.

They were also going to fully disassemble and reassemble furniture taken apart for moving purposes. Instead, what they actually executed was 1 truck that arrived an hour late for the entire time with the second truck not arriving until after dark some 8 hours later than committed.

This BIG BOYS MOVING failure to fulfill/ execute not only Doubled or more the charges,. But when they took off with my property and personal belongings, it included prescriptions for my elderly mother, 85 years old and her wheelchair, as well as valuable personal, Unreplaceable family heirlooms and collectables. It is our grave concern that these items are being damaged in hot storage facilities and multiple handlings simply do to the fact that charges came in over double because BIG BOYS MOVING failed to execute their commitment of 2 trucks for the majority of the move .

That is why my proposal is the cost of the actual time It took had they actually had the two trucks there for the percent of time committed to in the original agreement upfront.

On moving day, when the first truck arrived an hour late, movers could have immediately reassessed any differences and the accused falsely notion that any misrepresentation was done. Everything was accurate to all.

When you call in to the office of BIG BOYS MOVING and Shelby answers at the beginning of every call, there is a recorded statement that says that all calls are recorded, so please bring forth these recordings as they will reveal that I have been nothing but truthful and upfront. It is alarming that they would, rather than address issues, instead attack me personally when they have recordings and we have documents and exchanges revealing the truth.

The first Truck that arrived was 2 movers, both of whom after 4 hours looked forward to the second truck arriving to speed up the time to move during that day. I made multiple calls to the office.

Shelby, my representative, was not there over that timeframe and there was a substitute whom the mover's said was new. I think the substitute may be named Jennifer,- she stated that multiple times she was calling the other truck to see when it would arrive. By the way, when the truck did finally arrive, it was oddly a U-Haul rental truck,- Creating the question of whether they had the facilities at all because they actually had a rental.

I did make changes. I made changes 3 days in advance by calling the office and letting them know.

I did change the date because otherwise it would have been only a 2 day change. The statements made are completely false and opposite, for example, I did not mention anything at all about an mls usage for inventory. I don't even see how that would be accurate because it would be other peoples Stuff. I don't know how that would show up.

I don't know how that works. But Shelby was confident that that was fine. It was Shelby that brought up not showing up personally and doing an evaluation.

Also, the changes I made were exactly opposite. Originally, the distance was from Saint Petersburg all the way to Lutz with 2 stops- each having multiple flights of stairs.

The change made was one-stop at destination only with no flights of stairs and a quarter of the original distance. This would expedite the time because it cut the distance, because it cut out stairs and because it cut out a stop further reducing costs from the original estimate which was not changed after I made these adjustments.

The changed Single drop location instead of Lutz, was now Tampa at Kennedy and McDill area. The movers were all empathetic to my plight that instead of 2 trucks for 8 hours or so, there was only one trunk until the last few hours of the month. I did sign the arrival agreement for the first and only the first truck upon arrival.

I was Still thinking that BIG BOYS MOVING was going to execute their commitment to our original contract. However, when the second truck arrived, they would not start working until I signed the other agreement, so if you will look in the attached, you'll see where I wrote that I am only signing that the truck arrived and not agreeing to any other things. The movers tried calling but no one was in the office. They spoke to some supervisor whom they would not let me speak with directly.

During the first part of the move, one mover was a seasoned veteran. The other one said he was experienced, but he was new to BIG BOYS MOVING. He got tired and physically sick before they could fully load a truck. The ill mover left before the first truck left and it was not completely full.

At the destination, a replacement mover was there, but he was new because the veteran had to explain how to use the 2 wheeler to get down steps and how to stack heavier things underneath big things. They assembled a bed. One bed only and they left unassembled Everything else, including the security hardware on the door, a large desk and armoire and tables.

The substitute new office person said that Shelby would not be back until Tuesday. So that is why I did not call in on a Sunday because I could not speak to a supervisor and no one else would know what had been agreed to and what had actually happened.

One mover, the only caucasian mover, even stated that shifty things had been occurring previously and that this was wrong that I was having to pay for a single truck all day for most of the day instead of the 2 trucks as agreed. After Shelby sort of shut down and said all communications had to be by email only. I had an attorney address, BIG BOYS MOVING and the response was accusatory, misleading and slanderous. There is a line item address of each statement attached.

Now, after the move, rather than sensibly working through their epic- fail of execution in having 2 trucks there for the majority of time, have made mistaken statements and attacks. And in the statement of we have not heard you from you in several days,.. fact is we did respond and they did not respond for several days or even open the Email because my attorney had not received a read receipt for several days after the response.

So now, My Property has been handled multiple times, my elderly mother has been greatly inconvenienced. We were had extra costs by replacing prescriptions that were on a kitchen table and told not to take them, but one of the movers inadvertently packed them away.

She has also really missed her wheelchair which we ask for at the destination but one of the trucks had already taken off before we had final,- ended Conversation.

Their behavior has not only included bullying, and attacks libel and slanders, but false mis-representations, Contract violation and the gross representation of stating you'll have 2 trucks there for 75% of the time when they only had 2 trucks there for 25% of the time, bait and switch, theft, extortion. racketeering and for Florida, elderly abuse. My proposal was and is simply that for the time that it took for the move, giving leeway that it may have taken longer but with the 2 trucks for the same percent of time, rather than just the one.

But It would be paid after full delivery and assembly. I would only pay a small portion in advance to get them going and show my goodwill.

Since they had totally acted out of good faith and good will thus far that being not the movers themselves who are empathetic, but responses from BIG BOYS MOVING office.

Attached are documents of the original agreement, My proposal, emails to and from Shelby, Formal communications between my attorney and BIG BOYS MOVING, The office representative phone contacts, the attempted charges to my account (Which they made without my knowledge prior to the arrival At the destination which begs the question if they knew they were not being paid that evening, -Why did they take the charges before the destination?

And why did they add to the time and cost by even going to the destination?

The items at risk and storage at this time are personal keepsakes, Collectibles, valuables as I said, my 85-year-old mother's wheelchair and personal belongings, clothes, which are nice, including formal gowns, formal boots, expensive shoes alone totaling over $10,000 in value. Taken items also include Large items like armoires, tables and bookcases, Electronics from several screen monitors computers, laptops, Yard equipment, Kayaks, lawn furniture, a grill, weights, decorative outdoor umbrellas, bicycles and the personal possessions that are irreplaceable (valued around $150,000.00) for 3 people in the Reed family that live there.

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  • Promises are convincing
  • No promises kept and mean spirited and you loose all your stuff
  • Extremly poor and slow and late

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