Poor customer service at Scarborough location

The male staff did not give me guaranteed because I have bought more than 2 fishes.
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Vaani Jzy

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Poor Customer Service - Manager lied and was dishonest!

Location is the Yonge and Steeles Location. I posted this for my husband who will never step foot in an aquarium services store from here onward. Avoid this location at all costs! Went there on Friday Night to check out some tank kits. I wanted to compare because Pets Mart had a tank sale. I found a comparable tank kit and was speaking to one of the workers there, who was kind and polite. I asked him if he could match the sale price with Pets Smart even though it was a different make. Pets Smart offered aquon on sale for $145 and the price her for their fluval display kit was $179. He called the manager Emanual and we talked for a bit, I specifically told him that they are selling the aquon for 145. Is there anything you can do so I don't have to go to Petsmart. He agreed and said he will give me the fluval set up for that Pet Smart Aquaon price. My son was there as a witness to Emanual agreeing on giving us the fluval kit for the Aquaon price at PetSmart I told him that I will come with my family tomorrow to pick it up. He totally agreed and told me to bring the flyer the next day. To make a long story short came with my family during a snow storm mind you and was waiting for Emanuel. After about an hour waiting at the store the secretary asked why I needed him and simply said he is going to make a price arrangement for me for the fluval kit. The cashier went over to him and then something dark happened. I said I am ready to make the purchase. All of a sudden Emanuel changed his story and made a frivolous lie that he did not see the flyer yesterday and he cannot reduce the price. I told him I showed you the flyer yesterday and you agreed. He than lied and said that I did not show him the flyer and he is not going to reduce the price on the fluval as it is a different make. After a few minutes of Emanual raising his voice at me I simply told him that he is a liar and does not stand by his word. I told him I brought my family to purchase this tank which he agreed to the reduced price the previous day. He then admitted to seeing the flyer and then proceeded to say that he missed that it was an aqueon set up not a fluval. I reminded him that I specifically told him that it was an aqueon set up and he agreed to lower the price of the fluval so I do not go to Petsmart. He denied this as well. I told him that you are going to lose a potential customer here! Finally my wife blurted in that as a manager she finds him very nervous, and untruthful about the situation. He then rudely asked us to leave the store. My wife told him that she will not leave the store until he apologizes. He then apologized for lying to me and my son the previous day. We then left the store and became first time PetSmart customers! Unless there is a new sign at the store that says "Under new management" Avoid this location at all costs it has really poor customer service. Better go to PetsMart they know how to treat their customers and have way better deals and promotions on their fish and tanks. Also their return policies are 60 days for fish and other accessories. I will speak to head office and force a formal complaint against Emanual the store manager. No one should be treated the way the store manager treated us. And the strange this is that we are the customers! Reminding you to avoid this location at all costs!
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The manager was probably on crack-cocaine for him to get rid of a customer like that. Buying fish and a fish tank is not what people think.

It can be an expensive hobby. This is why I would avoid small stores like this. If you have a problem you are dealing with a small store who many not meet your needs. I find with local pet stores they do not have great customer service of a petco or Petsmart.

I always shop at Petsmart or Petco. I find if I have any problem with my fish they give you a refund no problem no questions asked.

They have a great variety of fish and tanks to choose from at excellent prices. I would continue going to Petsmart or Petco because they have the customer service to back you up.


I bought fish from this store and my fish died. I brought them in for a refund and they said they would not give it to me because they needed to test my water.

They found to much ammonia and sold me material to reduce the ammonia.

Did not get a refund. The person that was telling me this had stinky alcohol breath.


If he told he was going to reduce the price to match the Pet Smart tank kit he should have stuck to his word. Otherwise like every customer you would have just gone to PetsMart the next day to purchase your tank-kit if he refused.

Even if he forgot about it or made a mistake he must honor his word. Duh!! you are there the next day because he agreed with you! Why would you come back the next day??

If he is like that with his customers I really wonder how he treats his employees. My concern is that it seems the cashier has more clout then him as she basically told him to avoid the sale! However, for him to listen to her and not stand by his word is not what a manager does. What happened here is he probably listened to the cashier and changed his story to suit her suggestion which she had no business meddling in.

If that is the case they should make the cashier the manager and demote or fire this guys a. s. s. Regardless I would continue going with PetsMart as they have literally no hassle return policy as long as you have the bill.

I returned fish because I did not like the look of them in my tank (they were still alive) and they said no problem!. I also have been at this yonge and steeles location and you have to find the employee in order to be served. I found that rude. At Pets mart they come to you!and I found they were very much more knowledgeable than Big Al's.

I also find their prices very comparable or cheaper than Big Al's aquarium services.

Big Al's I would only recommend if you are a fish fanatic or loves the salt water set up. Other than that Pets Mart supplies everything you need to get started with a tank set up and more.


I too butted head with this manager, Emanwell. He is a lying theef.

I have a 110 gallon tank with breeding guppies. I always trade in my fancy guppies for $1.25. I spoke with him on the phone he say O.K. each fancy tale guppy for $1.25 store credit.

Came to the store and he changed his mind and said I never said $1.25 I said $1.00 per guppy. I had no choice so I took my $20 store credit bough some stuff an never came back. Since then I moved to Aurora and the Richmond Hill store is much better to deal with.

They are friendly and they don't say one thing and then another. It might be worth the drive to Richmond Hill location if you live in York Region.


I shop at the richmondhill Big Als and the Yonge and Steeles location. It is funny that but I found the Yonge and Steeles location very cold and unfrienldy.

You literaly stand there and knowone helps you. You have to come to them. In the Richmond Hill branch the employees welcome you and ask if you need anything unless you go there on a Saturday Afternoon. I have been a store mangager at Walmart for over 10 years.

In the retail industry, customers are always number one priority. He should have easily made the purchase. He is the manager which means that in the retail industry they would easily budge on $35 retail because that is definitely not the only item you were going to buy in the store. The thing that makes it worse it that he promised you the price the day before, hence duh!!

that is why you were there the next day instead of purchasing the tank at Pets Mart!!!. That manager is probably hates his job and is both mentally ill and angry. A normal manager would have been glad to make this sale especially if he gave you his word the day before. That is just unprofessional, and non managerial like.

They should fire this guy immediately and he should be stocking produce at Walmart instead! This way he does not really have to associate himself with sales.

Based on your complaint and what he has done. He is definitely not management material.


Seems like this manager is an ***. If he told you that he would match the price regardless of the make than he should have thought why you showed up to his store the next day.

If a company, individual, or even a large cooperation make a mistake they honor that mistake for the benefit of the customer. I would keep going to a large chain like Pets Mart because you know if there is ever a complaint it is dealt with.

This manager is obviously not playing with a full deck to basically throw away a future customer. If you look at the online reviews this specific store has several complaints.


If he admitted the mistake he should have honored the price he gave you that day because you came back and therefore you are a potential future customer that is going to buy a lot more fish and items. He obviously has poor customer relations and in the end if there is enough complaints about this guy the owner will let him go.

Just keep in mind that he is manager of a fish store. So he probably is not that bright if he retracted his original offer to you. Think for only $35 retail difference he has lost not only you as a customer but the bad experience is not going to make your kids go to that store in the future either. My suggestion is word of mouth and blogging.

Blog the *** out of this store, tell your friends and family about the experience and hopefully the owner of this place realizes that he hired an incompetent non customer friendly manager.

P.S. you are not the only one that has complained about this guy look online there is a lot more.

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