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Spent too much time on this already, but want the public to know that BIDSTHATGIVE affiliate program is a scam. I have purchased $1000 worth of bids 4 months ago. I post my adds daily, pay my $250 per month ambassador fee and have finally tried to withdraw from my "E-WALLET" earned commissions account. It's going on 2 months since my request. Nothing! Contact customer service twice. We will look into it is what they say! Call upline... Read more

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Randy Jeffers stole Casino Party equipment from me worth over $450,000 from a warehouse on Irby Lane in Irving, Texas. The Irving, TX police department is currently looking for him for felony theft. I am over 76 years old and support my adult son who was injured while in the Marine Corps serving in Iraq. This was my retirement, so I am hurting. It is past time we put this fraud and crook in prison where he belongs! If you know his correct... Read more

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BTG is an organization that continues to scam its employees and customers. Our business along with several others have all suffered monetary losses with BTG when they refuse to pay invoices when services has been rendered. They will disregard all emails, phone calls and give you the run around. The amount of affected people seems to be growing at an exponential rate. Randy Jeffers has been taking advantage of people for quite sometime disguising... Read more

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This company hasn't paid me a dime for over eight months it's a complete scam!! It's a shame that a so called leader like Randy Jeffers is taking advantage of people with false info and lies. I have one of the largest groups in the whole company and have helped this horrible company get to where they are today and everyone on my team has been screwed by this company. The company owes me around $20,000 which I will never see because Randy took... Read more

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a couple months back I sent in my money order for my wholesale bids etc. when this whole website came out. It took almost 2 months for me to receive my bids after harassing the people on chat who just gave me the complete runaround. this site was supposed to go fully active for months now and ever since Zeke Rewards shut down they keep stringing us along with false promises. I have a group of pissed off people that have tried to get on chat... Read more

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Took my money, didn't ship items I won in auction, SCAMMMMMMMM. Lied and lied said it was for the kids. Stole probably millions from investors. I would give anything to get my money back. They stole from me and my family. Liars, liars liars. They are gone now, but anyone associated with them, I would never do business with them again. scam scam scam scam scam I wish I could get my money back, Everyone I ever worked with at that company... Read more

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I put in $1000 and didn't make any money with it. I later said I want my money back since it's just sitting there, they told me I couldn't have it back. I'm sorry but that's scamming people. I want my money back. That $1000 was a waste of money and I never even used it. The Auctions seemed OK in the beginning, but later everything seemed to be rigged. Now they don't even have a website and they still have my money. Sad that they would take... Read more

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First of all I am new to Bids That Give, I was sponsored by Chris Groves and he is an incredible internet marketer who has tons of knowledge in the internet marketing business and I have been involved in marketing for about 5 years working with my warm market mostly. He introduced me to BTG online, and showed me his system he created called Marketbackboard, I purchased 5 shares of advertising and actually got 7 new sign ups, 2 were Global... Read more

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I joined this online company called Bid Ambassadors and ever since the start they have been giving us the run-around. I originally mailed in a money order for $15,000 to their headquarters in Henderson Neveda... Just a few weeks later it was in my account but nothing happened. I was told that I would start earning from my initial investment and I havent received a dime. Every time I attempt to contact customer support they push me through... Read more

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