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The blanket is awesome!Gets really hot. I got this blanket as a Christmas present. I had it for about a month and out of nowhere it stopped working. The store that I got it at was sold out! Sad face. The plug would come loose from the blanket and I was ups have to constantly re plug the blanket and turn it back on. It needed to have side locks next to the connection like they do in the larger heating blankets. Such an easy cheap fix. I bought my...
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I have brought several of their blankets and usually they stop working after several weeks.Have returned them to Kohl's and got replacements. Also have just brought others as the winter season has returned. Brought 2 heated throws for my kids beds and this am my son says his has stopped working last night and when it did his ankle started hurting. Take a look at his ankle and there is a burn make there.There is a small hole where the cord plugs...
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Anonymous I have had the electric blanket for 3-4 yrs now & no complaints. I do make sure when I get up in a.m. that all blankets are straight & not crinkled up as it cools. I also bou...

This is about my 4-5 blanket from this company and every one of the blankets' controllers just stopped working.I have one for home and for work and now I have to bring the controller around in my purse daily so I can use both blankets. This happens every time and I usually get a new one every year and only use it during the cold seasons (which in Charleston, SC is not that often). This blanket's not even that old. I got is 2 months ago. The...
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I liked
  • It when was working
  • Softness and warmth
I didn't like
  • When it breaks
  • Broke after 3 months
  • Both controllers quitting after only a few weeks