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Got a Real Lemon home

Hired Beverly-Hanks Real-Estate to help me find a home. We found one and the realtor was then put in charge. She failed to do her job and we now have house with plenty of problems. The Company, Beverly-Hanks has not offered us any help and really don't seem to care. We had to sue the sellers for the problems. They are also our neighbors. They have turned into the worst problem and they have family that also lives behind us. Can not tell you how we feel about being on our own when the company was paid to help us. WE did our part. The realtor let us down. Now we are stuck with the home and the huge bills for it repairs. Thanks Beverly-Hanks Asheville NC.
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Saw a Beverly Hanks listing which we wanted to see. Before viewing I checked with the county and found that 985 square feet in the basement had not been permitted.

I emailed the Bev-Hanks listing agent and told him he needed to look into it and possibly correct the information. We went to see the house knowing the basement would have to be back permitted and when we sent the offer he said it was already under contract. I asked in an email if he disclosed the basement info to the other sellers and he refused to respond. Our agent then called us and refused to put in a back-up...I called several other agents and after they spoke to the Bev-Hanks listing agent said they did not want to get involved.

It appears the Bev-Hanks agent is bad mouthing me for discovering a fact which he should have investigated and disclosed. They are all about $$$$ nothing else...BUYER BEWARE!


This company doesn't care about what they do to people. No service after the sale.

Money is the big issue. AS long as they make it, they don't care.

Go some place else. Plus hire a lawyer and let them help you find a home, a realtor and have them to go to the court house and get the details.


I wish there is a forum for Real Estate Buyers in WNC. When viewing a house to buy, beware of Seller Property Disclosure Form.

It is a form where the Seller is supposed to disclose any defects known of his property.

There are 3 columns in the forms YES, NO, NO REPRESENTATIONS. The Seller Agent works with the Seller to fill out the form, so it is also the Agent responsibility to disclose any defects of the house to the prospective Buyer.

If you see such form with all NO REPRESENTATIONS you should suspect that they are hiding some serious problems. This also means that THEY (Seller and Seller Agent deliberately cheating you, or at least hoping that you will not be aware of these problems and buy the property, thus it's a SCAM)

Does the Real Estate Law oblige the honest disclosure?

I hope it does.

Yet, I looked at 2 properties, offered to buy and went through costly Homes Inspections and discovered real problems with moisture, shattered foundation, etc.

Now those houses are on the market again, and I'm sure neither Seller nor Seller AGent would disclose these defects to the future buyer. Obligating the new buyer to go through cost home inspection again, and hoping that somebody will fall into their trap and buy these houses.

So what the real estate law does about that?

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Hi Luna, I am so thankful that you did not buy one of the homes you had inspected. I am so very happy that you did not fall for the lies, like we did.

You life is the better for that. Not like ours. We got a disclosure. They said nothing was wrong.

If they had replied NO REPRESENTATION then we might have had a chance. But they gave a full disclosure, must have been on some other house, not this one. The inspector found some of the major problems and they signed an agreement to fix the problems. (We forged their names, so they say.) I feel they knew due to the remarks they made of you did not catch us or it did not bother them.

That is not what the disclosure form is about. When asked questions we got answers that led us down the path to closing. Lies! Our buyers agent did not do the home work we left for them to do.

The closing attorney did not tell us what they found either. He was paid and never let us in on what he found out. The roof leaked the day before closing; our agent went through closing any way and made an agreement for them to remain in the house till they got the work done. Never running anything about the leak past us.

We were very upset over that and told the agent they were to stop them from staying in the house after closing and the agent was like NO, its done, it will be fine. We moved into the house to find a paint mess we had to clean up. Our agent did nothing to look out for us and did not do what I told them to do. When I ask about the square footage difference from the listing to the appraisal, the agent gave me her answer to my question and it was wrong.

They did not ask the sellers agent or appraiser what the deal was. We were given answers that induced us into thinking things were as presented and induced to close. They all think we should let this go and let it all die down. I want a real forum in WNC for home buyers.

We paid too much for the house. I made a under bid on the house and the realtor said they could not take that offer to the sellers. I went up on the offer and then the realtor was not too impressed with the price and submitted when I mainly made them. It would not have cut into in their money that much.

We were in another area and could not be here for closing and due to the answers we got from the realtor/agent we allowed the realtor/agent to handle the closing. We had done that before and never had problems. This time it cost us our retirement savings and all the savings we had for a home. We still have to deal with fixing the house and the nasty neighbors/sellers.

Now we dish back as good as we have gotten. We had to fight back to get some peace. My husband is disabled and this is what we have to deal with for all the money we are out of. This area doesn't protect home buyers.

This area rewards the lairs. The laws are for the crooks. No one at Beverly-Hanks or the other company has even offered us an reply of being sorry for what happened. When I have called to talk to Neal Hanks I have not heard back in all these years.

I have called many times and the last time I called was last year and the man I talked too, got info from the agent we used and he basically we and our witnesses were liars. We don't lie, not on contracts. The sellers did not honor they signatures on the contract. Any way Neal Hanks has been too busy to be bothered by someone his company hurt.

I say don't buy or build in WNC. You can't trust the builder either. I was talking to man at Lowe's last week that moved here and got a new home and he was having flooding problems too. I told him about my home and we both agreed we were taken and the laws should be stiffer for fraud in Real-estate.

Living other places where the laws were stiff this never happened to us. I think it all a racket in WNC and it is buyer be very aware. Sad but true. I have been thinking of starting some forum to expose all this and maybe get the laws changed.

The buyer agent and the seller agent had a good time with gossip about us.

They feel we are trying to get back at them for exposing the truth. I guess the truth is hard to take when you don't want to be responsible for your actions.


Sounds like a nightmare. How do you know that the realtor was aware of the problems prior to closing?

Was an inspection done? Hud-1 statement?

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It has been a total nightmare. I can not tell you how bad it has been.

We have spent our retirement trying to fix this place. We have tired to do the work ourselves and all we did was get hurt and make our lives worst. The sellers are our neighbors and since we sued them, we have been in the middle of them and their family. They have stalked me and they take pictures of me all the time.

They do and say nasty things. They are just nasty. WE got an inspection done. The inspector found problems and they signed a contract to fix the problems.

They did not and the they told the realtor they did. She took their word. It was worthless. Any way the right of way I ask her to look into and she didn't.

She thought some one else would catch it I guess. I had said a right of way would be a deal breaker. Period. Plus the things she did after the sale, make me question her.

No Hud statement. The realtor said she would check things out for us, so we left it with her to find out if the house had a C/O from the inspection office. If she had of done that, she would have found what our lawyer did and see that on the final they had been told in writing that if they finished certain rooms they had to get permits. They did not.

So we can not sale the space since it was not ever permitted. If we do we have to re-do the work. This was a messed up deal with the wrong realtor. When I told her manager some of the things we saw her do, he acted like he believed her.

When I told him to call the person that was with me, he said he did not need to since I wanted him to do that. I know that the two realtors had some ugly things to say about me. Our realtor said things she should have not to the other realtor. She was to d othe walk thought on a rainy day and if she had she would have seen the flooding.

But the realtor is scared of storms and did the walk through after closing. Found that out in the law suit. Seeing what the realtod did in other peoples homes, made me and my freind think we would never let any one in with our being there. The manager seemed to feel we were liars and that his company was not at any fault.

Beware of them. They don't care if your happy with a home after they fail to do their jobs. They say things happen. Well our lives have been distroyed and they don't care.

I have never been treated so badly. Nor does my (Disabled Ret.Vet) husband deserve this. He has been a good honest man and served his country for 23 years. So it is buyer Beware.

The sellers did not think they were to blame since we did not catch them in their lies. We left the realtor to carry out the duties we left in her hands. She did not catch the lies of the sellers and we are left footing the huge bill to fix this house. We left her to do her job.

I had to return to be with my husband as he was going into surgery. The big thing is how very little they think of the customers.

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