I ordered glasses from them and it took forever for my to get them and then when I sent them back I included the page you print off their site and filled out all the information including that I wanted a refund and they just kept emailing me asking if I wanted to...
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My most recent Visa statement includes a charge for $146.02 USD or $154.34 CDn.It was posted March 5/13. I made a purchase from Amazon for $19.24 Cdn and nothing else. The only purchases I make on line are from Amazon and they are all less than $30 Cdn. I used my Visa...
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It is very hard to find the fine print that shows 10% restocking fee (and I was looking). Also, it took 17 days after they got my return to post a refund. That is over 12 business days. They say 5-7 but its clearly a scam. Their hours are until 7pm ET, but they never...
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I sent this company a perfectly good pair of wearable rimless glasses they only needed a revised prescription which cost for the Varilux lens and crizal coating a total of $286.00. They returned to me a pair of unwearable glasses with new lens. I complained by...
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I ordered frames online from They sent me the wrong size. I called them and they told me to send the frames back and they'd send me the correct size and refund return postage. When they received the frames back they canceled the sale and...
Read more (Also known as Best Buy Eyeglasses, DKSS CORPORATION and DKSS Corp) was by far the worst shopping experience I have had online. I ordered some glasses from about 2 months ago, they sent a used pair of shop-worn frames, then...
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