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Purchased one of the best dogs I ever owned

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Best Shepherd Kennels - Purchased one of the best dogs I ever owned
Best Shepherd Kennels - Purchased one of the best dogs I ever owned - Image 2

I purchased Samson 8 years ago from Becky Bouchard. He is intelligent, healthy and a loyal member of my family.

I received him at 8 weeks old and was able to register him with no problem. He proved to be a very intelligent puppy who picked up on commands quickly and made training a breeze. He had also been well socialized when I received him. He is welcomed everywhere including the local Trader Joe's as he follows hand signals,will stay even if he is not tied down, and is friendly to all and loves kids.

He just passed another physical and is in the best of health as he has been since I purchased him. He is eight and continues to chase my daughters year old pit and 4 year old boxer. I have no problem with Becky's kennel.

I was a bit skeptical of sending money across country. She had a high rating with the BBB so I took the chance and I have not been disappointed.

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Thank you!

Cristyn Eee
map-marker Brampton, Ontario


I bought a puppy a year ago from "Bouchards Best Shepherds" owned by Becky Bouchard located in Cottageville South Carolina. My female pup was diagnosed at 13 months of age with EPI. Becky was hostile, belligerent and accusatory when I emailed her to explain, even though I sent her documented proof from my vet of my dogs hereditary, genetic illness. I paid $2,500 for the right to breed my puppy rather than the $1,800 for a non breeding registration. Becky claimed all her dogs were $2,500 . If the dog has some issue that meant it was not a good candidate for breeding like poor confirmation etc., that's something I can live with but this was a hereditary disease.

The medication to keep my dog viable was going to cost me over $6,000 a year. Becky stated "it's the luck of the draw." I asked her for a refund of the $2,500 I had paid for the puppy. She refused. Said she would give me a replacement puppy as soon as she had more litters, claimed she had none currently. Meanwhile she had litters she was advertising on her facebook site , both litters were sired and out of the same parents of my ill puppy. When I emailed back that she currently did have litters she said that because I was being so rude I was not going to get a puppy. She also suggested I place my puppy. Who would take a dog that needs $500 a month in medication to survive? Also we love our dog.

She said she would have her dogs tested. No results from the female who she has now retired..Izzy or Isabella. Spanky is my dogs sire. She claims he is not a carrier.

She sold all her puppies knowing there was potential for them to be carriers of or develop EPI. it is a death sentence unless you have the means to pay for the medication for the rest of the dogs life.

I have purchased the medication and my dog is back to good health. The medication, an enzyme must be sprinkled on everything the dog eats for the rest of it's life.

I would like to pursue her in court. I am a Canadian, not overly familiar with the system in South Carolina. All I want is for her to stop selling puppies like this or breeding puppies like this and selling them to unsuspecting buyers.

We have experienced great heartbreak over this. We slowly watched our dog as she starved to death, lost most of her beautiful coat and became a timid fearful snappy dog who was not at all the dog she had been.

Our dog is now back to herself and is good health both physically and emotionally.

I dealt with three other breeders from the US as I have three other dogs and all were wonderful to deal with.

I have every conversation documented because it was all by email and I have documented proof that my dog has EPI.

Beware of Becky Webber Bouchard, and Bouchards Best Shepherds.

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Well, I feel bad for the dogs and that's it. Shame on you for buying a dog from a breeder. You should be adopting you git.

Tyra Duz
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-808136

Do some of you know how had it is to adopt a pet here in Massacheuettes it’s like applying for a mortgage first they want to see that you’re the owner of the house second they want your home insurance then the deed the *** that they make you go through force some of us to go and seek breeder .


Connie Ali Hancock Bourque: Allie Mae is doing great! 75.5 lbs today.

10 mos. OMG! Plays nice with our 14yr old husky Lobo.

Loves everyone she meets. Still shy around horses though, but that is Not a bad thing.


Ann Weis Peck: some people just like to cause trouble.


I have owned many wonderful German Shepherds in my life but none as wonderful as Crusier who Becky raised till he was ten months old. He is a happy and healthy boy.

Becky was totally professional and helpful and shipped him to Colorado for me.

I highly recommend her if you want a wonderful dog!!

Thanks Becky

Barbara B.


Michelle Cribb Becky, don't let these people get you down. I have been in the vet field for 12 years and I became your friend on facebook because I love your dogs and everything you do with them and the puppies! One of these days I will save enough money to get me one but until then I love seeing all the gorgeous pictures!!

Michelle Cribb

6 April at 21:43 ·


Thank you Becky Weber Bouchard for Addy and Bruschi they are wonderful!

Sandy Howland.


This breeder should be ashamed of herself! We have also had issues with her lying and being extremely unprofessional . She' in it for the wrong reason, MONEY.


Bouchard's Best Shepherds continues to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. I have two complaints since being registered with the BBB since 2008.

Both found in my favor. Since then, One of those complaints has become an obsession for one woman. Unhappy with me being in the right through the BBB, refusing court, refusing any other arbitration, she decided to slander my name on the internet. One was over a deposit, which is nothing, and is resolved from many years ago.

The other is by a woman named Teri Davidson, she is a realtor with Associated Realty in Brantford, Canada. if she is a friend of yours on Facebook, I will have to block you as she has been seriously stalking me for 6 months. She posts nasty comments, stalks my kids FB, stalks out German Shepherd groups, and seriously acts inappropriately for an adult business woman with teens. She has been spreading vicious lies that I raise dogs with EPI, and they will die.

What is this teaching our youth? That bullying on the internet is okay? If grown-ups do it, then why shouldn't kids bully on Facebook, ect...? I have ignored her, yet she continues to stalk, threaten, and bully me.

I am sorry if she has contacted any of you, as it has been reported to me that she has also contacted clients on my FB hoping to get something on me. Sorry, I am an open book. If you want to see the health testing of Spanky, and Izzy which she claims are the sick dogs, I have all paperwork for EPI Testing.

Both Izzy, and Spanky were, and are negative.

Bouchard's Best Shepherds BBB® Accredited Business Seal

BBB® Accredited A+ Rating

On a scale of A+ to F

Reason for Rating

BBB Ratings System Overview - See more at:

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-802606

Fact- Becky Bouchard has not resolved this issue. How can the BBB act in her favour if this EPI issue has yet to be brought to their attention? Shame on you Becky for lying to your loyal followers .

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map-marker Salinas, California

Becky Bouchard Bestshepherd kennel

I just felt that someone needed to post a comment in favor of this woman.

I looked for a very long time for a puppy to purchase in fact I did my homework and was very very nervous about sending $$ without knowing for sure that this person was going to come through on the other end.

Let me just say that I read this email that was posted by some raving *** sometime ago saying that the shepherds sold by this kennel owner were not registered with AKC well guess what they are! In fact I called AKC and they not only recommended this kennel but told me it was in good standing. This woman said she was ripped off $500.00 which is non refundable! Well I'm sending $2,600 and I'm okay with it I know I will get my puppy.

The puppies are gorgeous and we cannot wait to get ours to think we almost missed out!!

Becky has gone out of her way when she did not need to in order to put my mind at ease. It is so very difficult to trust people out there but if when you think about it it is not simply the buyers who have to beware but the breeders as well after all you never know what nut is on the other end now do you????

I will tell you first hand that I trust this breeder, that may not mean much however how many people stop and write possitive comments these days unless as you all know the person really means it!

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Post your puppies pedigree. it would be so interesting to see one from this kennel. :eek


Check with the BBB , there are now two valid complaints about this breeder who claims that the second issue was resolved. It was never reported to the BBB so how could it have been resolved?

but it will be and now another buyer has stepped forward with more complaints about this woman. She is breeding and selling dogs with hereditary , genetic diseases. The American Kennel Club will also shortly be made aware of her ethics and morals.

. Becky Weber Bouchard is NOT a member of the South Carolina German Shepherd Club, nor does she offer pedigree's or h :x ip results for her dogs.

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Terri R Mzc
map-marker Wichita, Kansas

Becky Bouchard - German Shepherd

I think that this email that Becky sent me after taking my 500.00 deposit and never notifying me that the dog I wanted a puppy from never got pregnant and then refusing to refund my deposit, then the dogs that the next puppies were from, well, she sent emails where she was selling both parents and a notification on some disease that puppies of big breeds have, their bones grow so fast....Needless to say, I am sure I am not the only one she has ripped off. Here's her email to me in regards to my deposit and, I bought a different puppy from right here where I live, thank goodness. Buyer beware, she won't let you come and pick your puppy out or pick it up?????

I am sorry but it was rather RUDE of you to never contact me and nicely explain why you were unable to take your pup and to leave me hanging.

The pup you left a deposit on got a wonderful home and they LOVE her. Will send pic's from them when I recieve them. Your loss was their gain and I told them that.

We breeders do talk, and we do comment on clients we have had problems with threw our network. This all could have been handled in an adult manner if you had had common courtesy to give a heads up on your end. If you couldn't aford the pup you could have just said so.

Oh well I don't really care. I made an extra $500.00 from your aggravation. If you ever want to send me another $500.00 please feel free. "A fool and their money are quickly parted."

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We have been blessed with 3 shepherds from Becky. We could not be happier...

or hairier! haha! Right now they're blowing their coats and we have tumble weeds everywhere! hahaa!!

Gotta love them! Thanks Becky for all you do. Your family approach with these beautiful dogs make me want another one!

(Well.... not this year, but maybe next!)

Karen Anastasi


Becky Weber Bouchard of Bouchards Best Shepherds ( how ironic) is the most unethical, unprofessional breeder I have come across. She sold me a puppy with a hereditary genetic disease and refused to be accountable for the breeding and continues to breed dogs from the same line. Consumers beware.


on the website for all to see:


Best Shepherds is a breeder and NOT a "Puppy Store". We are acredited and registered with the Better Business Bureau, whom we invite you to visit.

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will hold a puppy for you. This helps to ensure that our BestShepherd puppies are reserved for loving, serious buyers and are guaranteed to have a home when they are ready for adoption. If you leave a deposit on a litter not yet whelped and there should be any complications or the pregnancy fails, your deposit will be credited to our next available litter. We will also do our best to give you priority on our next available litter choices.

If you have an unforeseen change of circumstances and can not take delivery of the puppy when the puppy is ready for placement, BestShepherds will transfer your deposit credit to another litter arriving at a later time that is more fitting to your situation. Ordinarily BestShepherds will hold your deposit for one (1) year, after which it may become forfeited at the option of BestShepherds.


I have a long haired gsd, 2.5 years old, male. Although I bought him in Springfield, VT, his mother came from Bouchard's Best Shepherds.

I have had german shepherd dogs for 30 years, and he is the best ever! Very calm, smart. Can be taken anywhere. Only barks when necessary--if someone pulls up our driveway.

And even then, it's just to announce.

Occasionally aloof, usually friendly. He's our last dog and I feel so lucky to have gotten him.


I bought a long coat plush German shepherd from Bouchard's Best Shepherd's in June of 2010. The female pup arrive took her plane flight from Massachusetts to California and arrived clean and well.

She is the most loving, beautiful dog, with a fantastic personality and beautiful markings. Becky took the time to answer all my questions and was very helpful every step of the way.

This girl is a lifetime dog, for sure, and is a part of the family. What a joy she is !


:p :grin 8) :zzz :upset :x :) :eek


Well I don't know the details here but legally speaking and someone familiar with dog law (which albeit is state dependent).....

Usually a "waiting list" deposit is fully refundable. If the breeder does not produce a puppy for the person then they must refund the waiting list deposit.

If the deposit was written as a "hold deposit" for a SPECIFIC puppy then at that point homes are passed up on. And that can be and usually is a non-refundable deposit.

So what it states on the contract "hold" or "waiting list" deposit is what a judge would look at in this matter. Hope that helps:)


Actually I'm not the same person. I've been seeing negative feedback on line and thought I should tell my story.

Again you always have to get the last word don't you. :grin

It's pretty easy for someone to be pleasant when their being told how great they are but your true character comes out when someone has a complaint. Instead of taking some responsibility it's all about you have to be right. Anyway who cares.

You suck. Nuff said.


This woman is a back yard breeder that breeds dogs with aggressive temperaments. She also DOES NOT appreciate her customers.

She is money grubbing and should appreciate what people are paying for her over priced dogs a little more then she does. She is also trying to sell a 9 month old dog that she says is trained for $8,000 LMFAO wowwwwww! For that price I can get a level 2 schutzhund trained dog with training that is legitimate! Dogs are generally nice by nature that's why people buy them!

but if there is even 1 aggressive dog in a litter you should stop breeding that dog. You're a red headed hick that no one can trust. I suggest this holiday season that you have a little reflection time and stop re-butting when YOU ARE WRONG. You are not right because you post an argument against the unhappy customer.

If you were a nice person that deserves someone's $1500 you wouldn't of re-butted at all. It just shows how you really are. You have to get the last word and you are ignorant. Of course statistically there will be more happy customers then unhappy!

That's just the way it works but when you can't except the fact that you are wrong and some of your dogs suck you are truly an ignorant ***.

They say never trust a red head and you are a prime example of that. Happy holidays blood sucker.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-86943

Have you been to best shepherds? One thing I noticed that set her apart from other kennels I visited, no dog odor at all, clean puppies, and fresh shavings.

I have had the pleasure of visiting bests shepherds, and meeting the entire family, and her dogs are incredible, gentle, well taken care of, and obviously loved. This is not a backyard breeder.

I personally visited, met every dog on the property, everything was clean, and well kept. Her kennel license, and inspection reports were posted, along with emergency info. I was very impressed.

One of the nicest kennels I have visited, and yes we did purchase a great dog from them. Anyone is welcome, and Becky was very accomodating.

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