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I have the Soundgate, just as I had a streamer with the previous Oticon hearing aides. Something, most likely the Soundgate, is dropping calls in and out of BT mode so I have to hold the phone to my ear as a hedge against the call dropping out. Very inconvenient. Same thing in my car -- the call bounces back and forth between my car BT and the Soundgate, even if the car BT is disabled. Not real happy about this. I spend a lot of time talking... Read more

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Purchased a pair of Bernafon-Verite from Costco over 5 years ago and I'm still happy with them. Batteries last about a week, and I replace the speaker dome, free from Costco, approximately every two to three weeks. In my 5+ years, I have never had a "dome" come off in my ear canal! Love the push-button 4 program selection. I had the Costco tech set the 4th program to 0 amplification. Now, when using loud tools, I use program 4 to protect my... Read more

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The tip/dome for these hearing aides will come off upon removal from the ear and lodge inside the ear canal. This is very dangerous as the tip dome must be removed at a doctor's office right away. Your instruction book states that if the dome/tip comes off (and it will) to see your medical practitioner right away. Not even possible when the urgency requires immediate removal. It's impossible weekends and in the evenings when the doctor's... Read more

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I like my Bernafon HA's very much and have paired my Soundgate with my iPhone 5s and iPad - both of which have improved the quality of my life considerably. I did struggle with the first two neck antenna's but finally discovered the shorter ones work better and last longer and not to sweat while you wear them. I did not, and do not expect it to be a perfect science, but it has improved the quality of my phone conversations tremendously and I can... Read more

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After being fitted with Bernafon hearing aid all I could say was save your money and buy a real name brand hearing aid like a Siemens or a Widex or Oticon. I owned Siemens and Widex hearing aids neither of them gave me any problems but I tried to save myself some money only caused heartache and lighter pockets. So after wearing these Bernafon for 4 months I drove over them with my car and I felt much better. The next morning I visited a local... Read more

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I have the Chronos 9 from Costco. The Chronos 9 hear are a great hearing aids. I am having a problem with the ear piece/ear domes . The 4 millimeter ear domes are too small. I do not hear correctly. The 6 millimeter domes are too lager. The 6 millimeter ear domes HURT my ears but hear better. I have talked to three ear aid specialist a Costco & no help. I need a 5 millimeter ear domes. I do not want custom ear molds. I had a trail pair of... Read more

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I've had the Bernafon also from Costco. At first they seemed ok as my old Phonak ones that cost double what these cost broke and were out of warranty, so I took a chance. Well first I have to say I have not listened to proper music in 2 years now- they make tinny sounds and total ly ruin any kind of musical pleasure you may wish to have. When I complained to my Costco HA specialist she said hearing aids are for voices not music, oh really? ... Read more

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I bought a single Bernafon Verite with the Soundgate Bluetooth phone interface/controller at Costco, for around $1,250. The audiologist seemed expert, explained the use of the device, and took care during several re-fittings to adapt the programming for multiple situations--work, at which my boss speaks very, very softly; noisy backgrounds; and very noisy backgrounds. The hearing aid worked well, but several problems make this device not worth... Read more

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I just received a crazy text message from a Lopez_layren17(Ms. Jolene Sterling). She told me that my resume was reviewed by a hiring manager from Bernafon, LLC and selected for an interview with Bernafon, LLC. The text message sounded a little fishy. So I text them back and told them to call me so I can speak to a representative and get a clarification on from this text message and who and where did they see my resume. As you already know. I'm... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 0 and Rodney Handcook ; Also got virus issues with yahoo when trying to connect for them. Hopefully these emails will be researched and disbanned. I am not pissed I did not give real info But it is frustrating to waste time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx v v vv v v v v v v v v v v v v v v vvv v v v v vv v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v v v v vv v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Read more

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