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Resolved: Fraud

Update by user Dec 24, 2020

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Update by user Dec 24, 2020

No solution! Want to go to the court!

Original review posted by user Dec 24, 2020
This women Mairead Malloy has a real criminal organization. She promises matchmaking from heaven, and she uses lonely women promising a very successful and handsome professional. She has no men in her database and very often she sends her friends that she pays for! It is a true criminal organization! She charges 15 000 pounds for her service and that you meet her married friend! There are all elements for her to be charged for fraud by UK law, and she should be a long time ago in jail! I do call all the other women for a class action while we are many, and I am 100% sure she will be out behind bars for a long time! Please lets go for it! My email address is: rene.galvano@***.it

User's recommendation: Avoid this criminal organization!!!!!!

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London, England
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Berkeley International - Matchmaking Services Review

I joined Berkeley International and it was a pure fraud. Mairead Molloy is leading this organisation promising things far away from truth. She uses lonely women and promises to match them with great looking, wealthy professionals. The problem is she has hardly any men in the agency data base and those few she has are just poor and ugly local guys who does not even pay membership! All this by extremely high prices, we talk about thousands of pounds!!! The whole thing is a pure fraud! Please stay away from this "matchmaking agency"!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pure fraud! I am calling other women for a class action!!!!

NOW!!! Please contact me and let’s make something together!

Let put this criminal in jail and let’s get our money back! rene.galvano@***.it


These company is a pure freud. I lost lots of money and to be honest now I am very angry that I did not take them to court.

They are true real criminal organization.

The owner should be put in prison and I hope this will happens soon or a later! Horrible experience stay away or Chris sake!!!!!!!!!!


Yes it is a total rip off. I left reviews on other sites hoping to warn people.

Mairead Molloy should be in jail. Please report them and gather evidence.

You can get your money back in court! Happy to help.


Please contact me if you can. My email addresses: rene.galvano@***.it


Mairead should be in jail!!! 100%!

Fraud is a crime in UK!

Let’s stop her by class action!!!! Contact me on my email address please: rene.galvano@***.it


I had a very similar experience with Berkeley International (Geneve) back then -October 2015- partner of Berkeley International UK.

Paid full membership more than CHF 10.000 for a dual membership (one european country+UK).

In one year only 2 (two) !! introductions face to face, (these introductions were outside the preference range, but I gave it a chance). Terrible customer service (certainly not elite as they promised).

Then Inga Verbeeck split from the UK company leaving a big legal void.

As customer I was denied a refund. The options were to continue with IVY International (new matchmaking company from I Verbeeck) or lose the +10K CHF....All internal problems between Berkeley UK and Verbeeck were translated to the customers.

I also warn new people looking for these services either in Europe or UK, it's very secretive, you will never know how big is the database, you will never know the real dynamics after you pay a considerable amount of money.

Is there any way we get all together to review the cases?

I have plenty of information for old members / new customers?

about what they could check on the contract before signing/before payment. Happy Decisions2 - Gmail


Anybody had the same experiance with this company????

@Audrie Rvq

Yes I have. Excatly the same experience, PM me on amessulam@***.com


Let’s go for a class action! This is a criminal organization!

Pure fraud!

She should be in jail! Please contact me at: rene.galvano@***.it

@Audrie Rvq

Let’s go for a class action! This women should be in jail! Contact me on my email address; rene.galvano@***.it Please let’s do something!!!!

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Reason of review
Bad quality

Don't fall for it. Stay away!

I want to share my experience and warn others against signing up with this company. They spend a lot on placed advertising and on removing bad reviews so I have to keep reposting. I am sharing my story so this does not happen to others. Sounds like there are many other unhappy clients, please join me in getting the case heard and get justice, for us but for the unsuspecting people who might sign up. Feel free to contact me, I'm setting up a website and I am happy to share the evidence! Signing up to Berkeley International was a terrible mistake. I wish I had seen the reviews earlier but I was fooled by advertising. I paid £9,600 for Berkeley International's membership because I wanted customised services. The service was not customised: I received a total of 4 hrs of in person contact over a period of 2 years, all at my request because I was stuck with them since they would not give me my money back. I was passed along 6 different people who did not know me and my preferences and ignored my direct requests. Agreed to one thing but once I signed up did something completely different • Company claims: I was told my membership would include Introduction services and emphasized the customised search services to expand their membership and cater to my criteria. • My experience: my main issue and the reason that am filing a Legal Claim against them is that they promised me service and gave me the impression they could do the work but my experience is that they could not. I dealt with them over 2 years giving them many chances and giving detailed instructions on my preferences, I am lucky I have emails evidence showing that they ignored pretty much everything I said as soon as I signed on. there was no customisation in their services and it was definitively not high end. Their terms outline that they are supposed to give me a sense of timing and of what steps they are taking for me. I never received the information and I still don't know what exactly they did for me. They were supposed to explain how each match meets my criteria but instead hey sent me random profiles without any explanation and contradicting what I asked for. When I complained they made me feel that it was my fault because that I was fussy (why shouldn't I be if I'm paying them £10K to work for me). I refused to accept more random introductions, I asked to be put on hold: I was on hold for 12 months. When the introductions resumed, they were worse than before and not meeting any criteria whatsoever. Then she stalled for 4 months and terminated my membership, even though I got no service for 4 months. They were eager to get me to sign up but did not intend to offer the customised service that such a fee warranted. The standards slowly fell apart into shoddy and shocking. They kept telling me it is a process but their service did not evolve and they did not take any of my feedback or preferences into account. I went out socialising in town and I met more nice guys than they ever introduced. They told me things which I later found out we're not true • Company claims: At my initial meeting, the company rep that stated that I could expect about 1-2 introductions a month and that all the men paid the membership fee. I signed up because I was impressed that the men paid the membership fee but I found out later that it was not true. • My experience: I was sent many random profiles, including one that was sent 3 times with slight wording changes to make it appear new. Many of the men that I met did not pay for the membership fee and they admitted it themselves. When I confronted them because I felt deceived, they refused to refund and did not give me any option to get my money back. Minimum standards Berkeley International did not behaved with the minimum skill of the services they advertise. My details were passed around a roster of 6 reps, most of whom never met me and many who left the company. They got the communications mixed up and my criteria mixed up and contradicted themselves all the time. What is notable is that they never admitted their mistakes nor apologised, even after I showed them their errors in writing. Throughout the whole process, I was wrong and they were right because "they were doing their best." After trying to work with them unsuccessfully for 1 year, I asked to get a settlement so I could get value for my membership as they were not fulfilling the contract. They refused and blamed it on me. • Here I have to say that the ABIA itself is misleading and gives a false sense of security. The trade group is owned and operated by the members and on one really gets kicked out or disciplined as long as they pay dues. ABIA Code requires that the “criteria used for matching clients must be fully explained” with clients told “whether stated preferences will be fully adhered to or whether they will be treated as general indicators only.” • My experience: There was no explanation of how the introductions met my criteria and at least 20 times the introductions were against my preferences, even though I had repeatedly stated them in writing. When I asked for clarity on how these introductions were made, the only explanation that I received was that they would continue introducing me to people that “they felt” would be suitable for me. This is coming from people who did not even know me and who communicated with me via email. Neither International Nor Affluent On their website, Berkeley International advertises its services as an “international introduction agency offering an exclusive introduction service” catering to “discerning and affluent members.” The Company further claims that they are known “nationally and internationally”. The word international is used twice in the website’s opening paragraph. 70-80% of the profiles sent to me were of local Brits, some lived in Manchester and Newcastle. I was not told a guy lived in Manchester until after I agreed to meet. Many of the people were unemployed and they sent me the same profile 3 times with wording changes in hopes that I would not notice. I have and did better at the local pub! Below minimum level of professionalism Examples of how the company's owner and Global Director behaved unprofessionally include missing appointments without any notice, not communicating in a timely manner (not being in touch in 3-4wks at a time, even though terms of service were that I would hear from them weekly), saying she had responded to my message or called me back when she did not (this happened for a 4 month period). For every 3-4 emails that I sent them asking for ground rules of communication and service, they sent 1 response telling me they would get back to me. MM the self-described owner made an appointment to meet me 3 weeks in advance and did not even show up. I was treated with so much arrogance as if I should be grateful to accept anyone they presented. When I provided her with examples of unprofessionalism, the Global Director would just not address any of the points I made. She was polite but her actions did not match the words, nor did she follow when she said she would. She would often let weeks go ignoring me and delaying responses. When I would lose my patience, she would accuse me of being aggressive and treat me with contempt and blaming me for the bad service that I was receiving. Standard of Service • ABIA Code: Berkeley International needs to provide “a realistic indication of the amount of time and steps” taken on behalf of the client. � My experience: There was no basis of communication and no communication on what they were doing for me. I had to chase them for service constantly and often 3 weeks into the month. Their response would be to send me a random 1-paragraph profile of a person that did not meet any of my criteria. I was on hold for 3 months and 7 months and there was no communication of how long I would be placed on hold or whether I was off hold. There was no communication of what exactly they were doing to fulfill the contract we had. Handling Complaints about service • ABIA Code: Requires that all complaints are handled immediately and effectively. • My experience: i placed a complaint and it took MM one month to get back to me and she forgot the appointment. She promised to turn my experience around but things went downhill quickly because she did not follow through when she said she would and only offered to extend my membership but offering no actual service. I must say that I did a lot of research before signing up but somehow I missed the bad reviews. For example: There were 4-5 other negative reviews on Trust Pilot and they have now been flagged and they will probably be removed because they were posted a long time ago. I myself had to edit this review at least 5 times because they keep flagging but I will keep editing and posting it to make sure my voice is heard. If I have prevented others from handing over their money to this company, I would have done my service to others. The truth will come out.
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Not as described/ advertised
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Full refund

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