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This school should not be open

I was a former student to this school. In the beginning everything was great but as the weeks progressed i began to see the issues unfold. The cosmetology kits are extremely cheap. I understand the school owners does not have a The supplies that are not included in the kit are not supplied by the school we and to supply them ourselves. many students reeked of marijuana and some of the staff participated in gossip about their own students which is extremely unprofessional. All this school wants is money and gives the are minimum in return. If you decide you want to change schools then you will end up owing money because the stipulation that's in place is you are not allowed to transfer schools. You can only withdraw which leaves you in debt. many students have complained their hours are not accurate. The hands on aspect of this school is non existent unless your one of the teachers favorite students. Its a very unfortunate situation to get in. I enrolled in this school believing i was going to be taught the necessary tools but in the end i only got tossed in debt and learned some things. Its a waste of $17,000.
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Poor customer service