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After a house fire last July; our insurance brought Belfor Fire Restoration Red Deer Alberta. This company is so poorly managed that what the fire didnt destroy Belfor did. It was just an ongoing comedy of errors. Complete with them bringing temporary employees to my home to case what was left. A year later we continue to battle to get them to complete work and fix what they have damaged. The manager of Red Deer Belfor is Ryan Bedford and is...
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I didn't like
  • Way we were treated
We had a fire in our attic started by our home builder while doing warranty work. Our insurance company actually recommend Belford. The worst experience of our life. They could not communicate at all, the quality of work was bad, left my home unlocked numerous times, stole tools and used items in our garage, and did not clean the soot out of our home and did not comply with our requests to install led light where the fire occurred.
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Anonymous Hello, We are very sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with BELFOR as we care about all of our clients. We encourage you to send a detailed email to hello[at]us[dot...