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I brought in my grandmother's wedding ring (it's over 90 years old, she passed away, so this is all I have left from her) on July 18 to the store in the Rockingham Mall in Salem, NH. The ring needed a stone replaced and prongs redone. The ring was due back on August 5. It didn't come in on August 5 and nobody could bother to call me and tell me. I went in on August 12 and was told the ring repair was not done to the store manager's...
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Anonymous Since you have Evidence from the other jeweler , Pic's , ECT.
Sue - ( Small Claims )

I didn't like
  • Repair job poorly done
  • Bad customer service
  • Rude manager
I brought my mothers ring in to be repaired. I asked them to clean and check it before telling them it needed to be repaired, to see if they would see the problem. They didnt. They said I was all set, everything looked good. I asked why I had destroyed my favorite sweater when my ring caught on it like this, and showed them on a sweater I was wearing. Such surprise on their faces. After I pointed out which prong was the problem, they wrote it up...
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I liked
  • All the jewelery i have purchased here
I didn't like
  • Bad customer service
  • Repairs not done on time
  • Repairs overpriced