Ajah Pcl
map-marker Naples, Florida

Just Don't

I went here on a whim and got Regina, let me tell you it was awful. It was like she didnt listen to anything i said and just did whatever she wanted to do. You just dont do that with customers you give them what they are asking for not what you think they should want. I dont know how this place is even in business it was unclean and just looked so trashy in there. Save your time and your money and go someplace with a little class. i couldnt regret my decision to trust regina any more than i do
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JenniferS S
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Owner ruined my color and cut refused refund or let others fix

Owner of Before and After Salon on Airport-Pulling Rd in Naples Fl ruined what shouldve been a easy long layered (at the ends long side swiped light bangs) cut and partial hilights. I feel I was overcharged for a very bad job that will cost more to fix it the color that then entire cut and color cost. I am in my 30's I wanted light buttery hilits and a lot of them, I already had pretty blode hilits I wanted to add more and get rid of a little light red in a few areas. She put very ashy gray hi and low lits ing my hair, over all color darker gray. She cut a bunch of short layers in my hair more on one side and gave me full short bang that I have not had since the 80s the whole cut and style looks like the 80s. She offers no refunds and wont allow others to fix hair. She had a attitude blamed and tried to find a way to blame me. Her"fix" made it worse!!Help just before Christmas! I have before and after photos I wish I never stepped foot in there. She soaked my back and left wads of soap in my ears to.RUN AWAY!!
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I have been going to before & after salon on airport rd since it opened. I am very pleased with my hair cuts & pedicures.

I guess you cant please everybody from what I read in the other 2 reviews.


Oh *** no.. That would *** me off..

You can get a complaint letter for that from an attorney you know, and possibly get you money back..

Do you have an attorney??If not, here, come check out my website.www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/amberkjenkinsNo, I am not an attorney, but I can guarantee you a great attorney for only $26.00 a month.. that website is MY website and if you have any other questions, email me at MY own personal email addressa_davis_78@***.com Good luck hunny.

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