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To Whom it May Concern,Beware of the merchant Becker Service Center. I hired them install a new clutch kit for my Jeep on October 31st, 2011 and the work is not completed properly now causing damage to the parts therefore having me to pay to have the job completed again correctly with additional parts and labor. Currently the vehicle is inoperable.The sequences of events are as followed:October 27th 2011: I called Becker Service on Thursday and spoke with Jim. After a description of what I was in need of he assured me his shop could complete this in one day without any delays or problems. He mentioned that it may take one additional day to have the flywheel resurfaced. At that time I scheduled the appointment for Monday, October 31, 2011 at 9am.October 31, 2011: I dropped the vehicle off and delivered the key to Jim. He said he would call me upon completion. I explained to him that it is vital to have the flywheel re-machined for proper execution once completed. Jim said he would be the judge of that once they inspected it and may only need to be grinded. I cautioned him that grinding the flywheel is not recommended. Jim called me later that day informing me one of the parts did not come and I should check with the store I purchased them from. I did so and then notified Jim that he would receive the remaining part on Tuesday morning. I asked Jim at that time if he had any challenges and he responded by saying no.November 1, 2011: Jim called me mid afternoon saying the Jeep is completed and ready for pick up. He mentioned to me at that time they ran into 3 minor problems.1. A header bolt was cross threaded therefore they had to re-tap to correct2. The speedometer is not working3. The engine will not shut off all the time when the ignition key is turned offI responded by saying, I can see how the header bolt may have been cross threaded. However I told him I did not have the other 2 problems and would not pick up the vehicle in that condition. He told me that they did not test drive it prior, therefore they cannot be sure it was as preexisting condition. I emphatically explained to him the speedometer and ignition was working correctly and that his mechanics may have made a mistake during the reinstallation. I told him I would contact a Jeep specialist and get back to him. I contacted 4 Wheel Drive Diversified in Toledo Ohio who specialize with my type of vehicle and spoke with the owner Brian asking for his professional opinion. He explained that the speedometer cable can only be installed one way and that when they took it out, they probably reinstalled it back incorrectly. He also explained to me to that there is no reason why my Jeep should not shut off unless they crossed a few wires or something went faulty. I called Becker Service Center and spoke with Jim explaining this to him. He became abrasive and said he would have his mechanics double check everything and call me back. Within 30 minutes, I received a call from Jim stating that the vehicle is all fine and ready for pick up. I asked if the 3 items were corrected and he said yes. I asked what was causing the speedometer not to work and the engine not to shut off, his response was, - The speedometer cable was not installed all the way in- The engine would not shut because the vehicle was suspending in the air on the lift with the tires hanging in the flex state.I said I had never heard of such a thing as the engine not shutting off when on a lift. 10 minutes later, I arrived at his shop and paid for the services rendered. Upon pick up, I asked about the flywheel's condition. He said it was not bad therefore they grinded down a couple of hot spots. I left his shop and noticed 3 things right away.1. The clutch is almost fully released before it engages2. The flywheel is slipping. When driving and accelerating the tach / engine revs up to about 3000rpms before it engages and picks up speed.3. There is zero free play in the clutchNovember 2, 2011 : I contacted Becker Service Center promptly at 7:00am informing Jim of these concerns. His response was that it was the best medium in order to not have the gears grind when shifting. He said due to the geometry of the clutch fork, it had to be that way. I disagreed and said that something is not installed correctly. He became abusive and loud interrupting me on three occasions saying there is nothing he can do. I explained to him that I paid him good money to have this service completed and that he assured me prior to delivering the vehicle that his shop can perform the job correctly. He attempted to tell me that maybe I ordered the incorrect parts and I should check with the manufacturer then reluctantly told me to bring the vehicle back in.I immediately contacted the manufacturer and spoke with their technical support advisor, Larry and he assured me I ordered the correct parts. I delivered the vehicle back to Becker Service Center at 8:30am that morning of November 2, 2011 and explained to him that I did order the correct parts.

Becker Service Center had my vehicle all day without contacting me. I called Jim at 5:01pm and asked for a status update. He quickly responded and said yes, it's ready for you to pick up. I asked if everything is correct and he said yes. I asked if he personally test drove it or did the mechanic performing the work. He responded with, yes to both questions. I asked what they changed. He told me the disc had high points and now is fine.

I picked the vehicle up at approximately 5:30pm that day and noticed upon driving that the only remaining challenge was that there is still no free play in the clutch. At this time I inquired with a few Jeep specialists and they advised me to take it to another shop and have it corrected. They informed that if there is no free play then the clutch kit was installed incorrectly and is causing further damage.

I would "not recommend" this shop to anyone due to Jim's unprofessionalism & dishonesty.I have enclosed advice from several Jeep owners / mechanics explaining the errors Becker Service Center has made. In addition, the vehicle is now at another auto repair shop waiting to have the job completed again the correct way.

The following is professional advice & testimonies from Jeep Mechanics showing Becker Auto Service did not complete the service correctly that I paid for.

John S: Jeep Mechanic/Owner 11-02-2011 5:16 PM________________________________________

I bet they also screwed up the bell crank. Possibly installed it backwards. There is a difference in the length of the bell crank arms.

You do know they owe you a new flywheel now.

There are just so many wrong things here that has me worried about even taking it back other than to get your money back.

Maybe you could take it to a good shop and have them inspect the job and list what is wrong and have them fix it. Something tells me this is not going to turn out nice unless the shop steps up and corrects the job. but still, what a bunch of excuses.

If it was me, I would take the whole thing apart and do it over again. But I understand you may not have the resources to do so and dependent on others.

IM:Jeep Mechanic / Owner 11-03-2011 1:13 PM________________________________________You need to have some free play in the pedal.

If you don't you will surely slip the clutch as it wears and ruin it.

Sorry to say, but it sounds like you need to find a new mechanic. Anyone that grinds "hot spots" off of a flywheel instead of resurfacing it is a sure sign of a ***.

They were just too lazy to remove the flywheel and have it machined. Period.

Lucdog: Jeep Mechanic / Owner 11-04-2011 12:50 PM________________________________________I would have it looked at by some one else. With no freeplay, the throwout bearing could be spinning all the time causing premature wear

In a eariler post, I think it was John Strenk Had to replace other parts, Like the bell crank, accuating rod. Bill

mopar346: Jeep Mechanic / Owner 11-06-2011 4:00 AM________________________________________1 Attachment(s)Lucdog has got it, or at least that was my thought exactly. It sounds like the throw out bearing is pressing slightly on the clutch causing no play and the stiffness maybe just the center force's heavier springs. If the bearing runs continuously it will wear out in short order. The flywheel should always be turned or you will end up with chatter sooner. As far as the damage done, it has taken some of the material/life from the clutch but probably minimal and extremely difficult to say how much. As for the mechanic you are using, they are at best liars and probably both liars and dumber than dirt. They told you something they didn't know (it was doing it before) to cover their rears and if they actually believe what they told you about the starting issue then I am surprised they breathe and stand up at the same time. In short find a new guy.Yep, it sounds like it is severely out of adjustment and they charged you so it's their problem. The other thing is every time it slips it's taking off material.

1980tallcj7 ; Jeep Mechanic / Owner 11-02-2011 02:49 AM________________________________________sorry, but my advice is to take it back there immediately

Galt: Jeep Mechanic / Owner 11-02-2011 03:04 AM________________________________________Sounds like the clutch disc is slipping against the flywheel. 2x on the take it back suggestion. It's not supposed to do that.

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