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Beauty Time Therapies - counterfeit products & deceitful advertising

I ordered the Jane Iredale starter kit as a birthday present.I paid extra for the faster shipping. After not receiving the order on time I called customer service, they discounted my payment, which was fine. Then a week ago I noticed another charge from them for £34.99 pounds on my card! I called customer service and was informed what I purchased was actually to pay 3 payments of £34.99 and receive 3 shipments of the product. After advising that this wasn't disclosed anywhere - the rep said she couldn't help me if nothing was wrong with the product. I checked my order confirmation email, it said £34.99 starter kit. I then went to the Beauty Time Therapies website to see if I was losing the plot, if in fact I purchased a multiple payment option. I looked at the option I had picked it said starter kit £34.99, nothing about multiple payments on the advertisement. I then chose that option and started really looking and reading the fine print in the billing screen. Low and behold in the middle of a fine print paragraph it said you are agreeing to a 30 day shipment, a 90 day shipment, and multiple payments. The numbers are never shown to you any other time. Not at check out, not in your confirmation email, not on the advertisement page, nothing. It is deceitful and false advertising! When I complained to Jane Iredale themselves - I was told that Beauty Time Therapies aren't even authorised retailers and the products are suspected to be counterfeit! I've since notified my card company who are investigating the matter. Be warned!
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These reviews are false. We are a fully authorised Jane Iredale retailer.

This can be verified with the IIAA in London who are the UK distributors for Jane Iredale.

We do not operate any re-billing systems and there is nothing in our t&c's to state otherwise. No doubt these reviews have been submitted by someone with a grudge or a competitor.


The exact same thing happened to me. Be warned when dealing with Beauty Time Therapies. It took forever to resolve with my bank.

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