Marius T Jug
map-marker Farmington Hills, Michigan

Billing problems

I receive a bill from my provider for a phones visit. I know I have 10 $ copay.Instead to have 10$ bills I received 140$ bill. I reached out my insurance company spoke with Jessica BCBS representative and she states my provider can change the code and they will be able to pay.When I called my provider office they states my insurance company do not pay for calling visit.This is not the truth. I had on the past with the same provider this kind of visit and I ended up having a copay 10$.When I called billing department they kept me on hold for very long time to give up perhaps. I always paid my bill but this situation is outrageous.
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Preferred solution: Change the code and bill my insurance as you suppose to.

linda h Asc

Commend an employee who assisted me

On Thursday I checked my chart to confirm my first Covid shot time When I looked at My Chart there was no record of my reservation time I contacted Dr Kamienecki"s office which tried to assist me but to no avail They gave me a phone number to your location in Southfield for Covid assistance I as lucky enough to have the phone answered in one ring and was introduced to the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly person that I have come across in a very long time Her name is Margo McClain I know most of your employees are outstanding but Margo is above the rest to me She scheduled my Covid appointment for the same time and I tried to get on line just at a different location She explained where I was to go and what the procedure would be once I arrived at the location--Less stressful knowing what I was to do If there are any accolades that you give your outstanding employees that go over and above, as far as I'm concerned, PLEASE, acknowledge the wonderful MARGO McCLAIN Thank You for your time and attention regarding this Linda Hogan
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Melinda P Tqt
map-marker Detroit, Michigan

For a bill i suppose

The number says incorrect, you are incorrect for calling me in the first Beaumont *** my MRI up....not me, fix the bill then call me back
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Preferred solution: Figure the two mris out

Shiro Upj
map-marker Dearborn, Michigan

Terrible Emergency Room Service