Beau Mason A Saint ,

They saved me , and the place was wonderful , I felt safe , they had two doctors an emt and a psychiatrist on staff , excellent food and a very wonderful place on the ocean I was treated like a king ,,bless these people , I a have heard people bad mouth this place and it simply not true what they are trying to do is scare people into going to other facilities to steal business , sometimes people die taking Ibogaine because they lie about their medical history or a doctor missed something the bottom line is this medicine is no more dangerous than the drugs or whatever substances that got you there so if your in decent health and you want to get better don,t listen to these a....hole,s about Transitions it is simply not true .
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Beau Mason, Sleazy *** Man

Transitions Advanced Ibogaine Therapy is a scam. Even the name is f*kin ridiculous I talked with Eric Taub and he advised me not to go to Transitions Ibogaine. And I didn't listen because I believed Beau Mason's BS. Beau Mason is a scam artist and a fraud!!! His staff has very little compassion for addicts and they have no idea what they are doing . He claims he uses pharmaceutical ibogaine but he is lying!! He will just take your money and leave you in withdrawal at the airport. Do not do business with him or with his clinic cause he will rip you off. Beau Mason is sleazy scummball and he screwed me over. All I can do is offer advice for those who are in need off reliable ibogaine treatment. Do not go to Transitions Advanced Ibogaine Therapy in Rosarito Mexico. Call Eric Taub and he will point you in the right direction.
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Wow, I have to laugh at this review. Eric Taub is a *** artist.

In fact, "Eric Taub" doesn't even exist! The man's real name is "Richie Ogulnick", and he lives in Gainesville, Florida.

His partner in crime, Alexi, goes by the pseudonym "Lex" (also not a real name).

Sure, I believe Beau Mason is a real piece of *** (in fact, I KNOW he is!), but Richie Ogulnick is perhaps a bigger piece of ***.

At least Beau uses his real name.

The bottom line is Ibogaine is an endangered plant. Most of the "ibogaine" being used is actually synthesized from Voacanga Africana bark. Unless you see it in a pharmaceutical bottle (with a label that says 'remogen' brand ibogaine hcl, don't believe it.

The Ibogaine culture is full of *** artists and thieves praying on desperate drug addicts. See a pain specialist to be tapered off opiates over a period of 12-24 months. When you reduce the dose in increments that do not exceed 10% of the total dose, you will experience no withdrawals. When the dose is absurdly low (like 5mg of percocet every 12 hours), you can jump off and it won't cost you a dime.

Run don't walk from "ibogaine providers".

Unless you live in NZ and get your Ibogaine HCL from a Walgreens, don't *** with it.


Eric Taub is cut from the same cloth as Beau Mason, in fact they and most of the other guys around all learned the *** from each other a decade or so ago, they all eventually stole the scam from each other and then started bad mouthing each other to try and draw the clientele to their own "treatment center" Eric Taub is working with a beau mason clone in Costa Rica, they split the criminally high fee Lex Kogan charges. all pretend they are running a medical facility when reality is they are rented residential homes staffed with a few incompetent Mexicans that pretend to be nurses.


Wow your right on point, you must know the busines.



Please, please look at all the postings on the internet regarding Beau Mason. He is running a very dangerous and unlicensed facility, and is not giving the correct type of Ibogaine, or treatment.

Ibogaine is a serious undertaking, and I know that Dr. Sola is not a good person, but neither is Beau.

I beg of you to look elsewhere - there are places that are legitimate and good. I promise you, in the end, Beau will hurt your child again.


your advice on getting recommendations from Eric Taube is horrific. he has done similar thing to his patients.

moved his practice form country to country leaving trails of death and destrcution along his path. I choose his clinic beacuse he supposedly is the founding members of the ibo community. Most of these sources of information are actually sitescome to find out that he also founded and wrote the literature for giving himself kudos for his achievements. Hindsite is 20 /20.

then was abandoned and left in a hospital in the country he sent me to for a treatment. The treatment was never completed because the ibogaine boosters werent available after the flood. What a crock of ***. he never looked back and never called family to make sure I was doing ok or even alive.

At this point I would not recommend treatment outside of the US or canada You get what you pay for for real. After all was said and done it cost 5 times what treatment in the us would have been and the withdrawl is in your face without the boosters and aftercare anyway.


Using inproper grammar, misspelling words, missing words in the middle of sentences, and starting a new subject in the middle of a sentence doesn't help your case at all. I noticed that most of the people that complain don't even know how to put a sentence together.

I'm not saying your wrong, but these things don't make you look very intelligent. Run a spellcheck maybe next time????


If you're not a troll, then your argument is a bit hypocritical considering there are a few simple grammatical issues within your own brief statement. I'm not trying to argue that this totally invalidates your argument, or that your grammatical errors are as numerous as those within the writing you're critiquing; however, your mistakes are fairly basic, and by your very own statement, the errors in your writing don't help your case or make you seem very intelligent.

In your first sentence, I think you mean 'improper' grammar, instead of 'inproper'.

Also, in the first sentence of your second paragraph, instead of using 'your', you need to replace it with either 'you are' or the contraction 'you're'.

Your use of subject and verb tense agreement is a little clunky, but that's a more advanced and somewhat stylistic issue. My writing is just as fallible when it comes to fluidity and stylistic problems.


LMAMFSWAO @ iNproper grammar and spelling, brb I wanna grab a dictionary and look up pompous fool so I know who Im dealing with and what you look like. "missing words in middle..." isnt correct, for it to be you needed to construct it as something like "Your post has iMproper grammar, misspelled words, missing words in middle..." And were you not scolding someone for their mastery of language the use of "subject" in "starting a new subject in the middle.." would be very poor and awkward, but given the context and intent of your critque, its embarassingly wrong, too easily confused with the subject of a sentence.

New topic, new thought, etc. would have been fine choices. "Im not saying your wrong"...actually thats in fact exactly what youre doing, your post begins with a precise listing of the faults you accuse him of. It may be presumptive of me but perhaps what you meant to express via your frail grasp of language was "Im not saying your message is wrong, but...." And lastly unless you were trying to be ironic, irreverent or self depracating and actually intended to speak in street vernacular, which again given context and intent would be so very pompously foolish of you, you had two choices.

Maybe run a spellcheck next time or Next time maybe run a spellcheck, either one is proper grammar, yours was not. I agree bad grammar and such affect the power of a message, but this isnt a forum where its of major importance, and besides the topic is people struggling with drug addiction so factor that in and cut some slack.

And regardless glass houses bozo, glass houses

"Me fail English? Thats unpossible!" Ralph Wiggum


I disagree, my son just got thrown out of the Ibogaine treatment center in Cancun, run by Dr Albert Sola and David and Irene Dardashti, they claim to be a legitimate clinic, but they medicated my son with Benzos which we told them not to, and then decided not to administer the Ibogaine because he was disruptive. So they drop him at the Cancun airport high as a kite and I had to go retrieve him because he could not travel in the condition they left him in.

They also said they would not reimburse us any money back. We are going to sue for damages and Beau Mason of Transitions has agreed to treat my son for free and I have spoken to a dozen people that had great success at his Transitions clinic.

Beau is what I would call a standup guy and is willing to help those less fortunate. Shame on the Ibogaine clinic in Cancun who is obviously in it for money only.

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